5 Must-Have Opera Free Extensions for Productivity

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Using extensions is a great way to enhance the functionality of your browser.They offer exciting features, and adding them to the browser simplifies the browsing experience.

Many extensions are available for Opera users, and they serve different purposes like blocking ads, making to-do lists, instant screenshots, and more.

Likewise, there are several extensions that must be installed on your browser to increase your productivity.There are hundreds of options, but we'll take a look at five of the best next.

1. LanguageTool


LanguageToolis a handy grammar checker extension that acts as your assistant, catching grammar mistakes and preventing spelling mistakes in your text.

Since you no longer need to manually check every line for syntax errors, the extension will definitely increase your productivity.The extension works on just about every website, and it kicks in when you start typing or composing an email.

In addition to checking grammar and correcting spelling mistakes, it also provides suggestions to improve your writing.The extension simplifies text by adding more appropriate synonyms, picking up complex sentences, and grouping them into easy-to-browse chunks.

It can catch typos in over 25 languages, making it a better choice than other widely recognized grammar checkers like Grammarly.

Having a large number of supported languages ​​enables bilinguals to spot grammatical errors without switching between translation extensions.

Although the extension is not as popular as other grammar extensions, it cares about the privacy of users.While checking the syntax, its connection is still encrypted and no third party can access your files.

So you can write your confidential emails without any security concerns.

Download: LanguageTool for Opera(Free, in-app purchases available)

2. LastPass


LastPassis a password management extension that takes the load off your memory.From saving usernames and passwords for your favorite websites to the credit card information you use for online purchases, LastPass remembers it all.

It automatically fills in your login credentials when you log in to a website, so you don't have to remember long and complex passwords.

It also saves your credit card information, and when you reach the checkout page, it automatically fills in all the necessary information to help you make a quick purchase.

Keeping in mind the confidentiality of stored information, LastPass ensures that data remains private and secure.To make your passwords difficult to crack, LastPass monitors the passwords you set and suggests how to make them stronger.

If your data is found to be at risk of being compromised, LastPass will notify you to promptly change your saved passwords.Additionally, by enabling multi-factor authentication, the extension ensures that no snoopers can snoop on your information.

Since the extension is available on most browsers, your data will be consistent and easily accessible.When using a shared computer, you can prevent others from using your credentials by setting a master password for your vault.

With LastPass' instant replenishment of your saved information, you'll save time and effort, and be more productive as a result.

Download: LastPass for Opera(Free, in-app purchases available)

3. T


TKeeping track of your daily agenda by breaking it down into sub-tasks is essential for tracking your progress.

It allows you to create a to-do list in your browser to keep things organized.Plus, you have the flexibility to change the status of your tasks as your day progresses, keeping your productivity on track.To boost productivity, you can even set reminders for tight deadlines.

Additionally, when working in a team, you can create a task list, distribute it among team members, and prioritize the most urgent tasks.So Todoist makes it easy to keep your entire team on the same level.

Best of all, it also works seamlessly with most of the other productivity tools you use every day.The extension works with everything from cloud storage services like Google Drive to messaging apps like Slack.

Download: Todoist for Opera(Free, in-app purchases available)

4. MateTranslate


MateTranslateis a simple and convenient translation program that simplifies your communication process.And, MateTranslate will make you more efficient and efficient, enabling you to check the meaning of different words on the same page, saving you the effort of switching between multiple windows.Of course, you can also use other browser tools to translate web pages if you wish.

MateTranslate offers support for 103 languages ​​and the ability to save your custom word list, making learning a new language a breeze.Custom data can also be synced across multiple devices, so it's easy to keep track of where you left off.

So whether you're learning a new language, working with colleagues overseas, or taking part in a distance learning program at a non-native speaking institution, MateTranslate can save you time translating phrases.

Download: MateTranslate for Opera(free)

5. FireShot


FireShotAllows you to take screenshots of entire pages or specific areas, save screenshots in different formats, such as PNG, JPEG, or directly save as PDF, etc.

While its free version lets you take screenshots and save them in the format you want, the premium version has additional benefits.

Some of them include: snapping all tags into a PDF document, taking screenshots on websites, unlimited size, handling floating elements, and more.

Also, you can edit screenshots with different tools, upload them directly to several platforms and servers, save and load them in various formats.

So accessing all these tools in your browser makes it easy for you to capture, edit and share screenshots with your team.By doing this, you can save time and increase your productivity.

Download: FireShot for Opera(Free, in-app purchases available)

All the extensions described in the above list will help keep you more organized and make you more productive.If you're someone who doesn't like the look and functionality of these extensions, you can also look for similar options, as numerous extensions perform the same function.


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