How to Quickly Make New Notes on iPhone and iPad

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The note-taking app on iPhone and iPad is a useful program that helps us jot down all kinds of information quickly.on iOS andiPadOSThere are several ways to create new notes in the Notes app on .

So, if you need to take notes frequently in your daily work and studies, here are some easy ways to quickly create new notes that should help you:

1: From the "Notes" icon on the home screen

You can instantly make a new note on your iPhone or iPad by long-pressing on the Notes app icon and selecting "New Note."

2: FromNotess application

Just click the New Note button in the Notes app to create a new note.


If you have a keyboard connected to your iPad or iPhone, startNotesYou can also create a new note by hitting Command+N in the s app.

3: From the lock screen or anywhere, use the control center

With the addition of a new Notes option in Control Center, you can easily create new notes instantly from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad, whether on the lock screen, home screen or other apps.


Go to "Settings > Control Center >" and make sure "Notes" and "New Note" are enabled as options to be able to access this feature.

No matter what device you're using, it's probably the fastest and most versatile way to take new notes from anywhere.

4: Create from lock screen with Apple Pencil

With the Apple Pencil, you can create a new note with a single tap on the iPad's lock screen.


It's very convenient and perhaps the fastest way for iPad and Apple Pencil users to create new notes.

5: On the iPad, swipe in the new quick note from the bottom right corner of the screen

You can swipe in from the bottom right corner of the iPad screen with your finger, stylus, or Apple Pencil to instantly create a new quick note.


Quick Notes are handy because they can be hovered over active screen items, allowing for multitasking on the iPad.They are very useful, and while currently limited to the iPad, should be implemented on the iPhone in the near future as well.

6: Use iPad keyboard shortcuts to create new quick notes

For iPad users with a keyboard attached to the device, hitting globe+Q or fn+Q can also create a new quick note from anywhere.

7: Create a new note with Siri

With the help of the Siri virtual assistant, you can create a note in no time.

Just summon Siri and say "create a new note about (topic or item)" or "create new note about (item)".


These newly created notes can be searched, password locked, shared, file scanned, grabbed photos or videos directly into notes, or any of the other handy note-taking tricks available.And if you accidentally or accidentally delete one, you can restore them too.

Having learned the methods in the above list, you can easily and quickly open the note-taking app and create a new quick note, you will never miss any important content again.


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