How to Play Music While Recording Video on iPhone

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If you're a budding content creator and podcaster, being able to insert music into any music app while recording is helpful.However, you may have noticed that your iPhone automatically stops playing music as soon as you press the record button.
However, both can exist at the same time, you don't need another device or external application, it can be done entirely on your iPhone.Next, let's take a look at how this is done:

How to Play Music While Recording Video on iPhone

1. Play music that can run in the background.

2. Turn on the camera and stay in photo mode.

3. Press and hold the shutter button to start recording video.

4. Slide the shutter button to the lock icon to record video without having to keep tapping.

5. Press the shutter button again or release it to stop recording.


The video will now be saved to your camera roll and you will be able to hear the music playing in the background.

Can you play music and record audio on iPhone at the same time?

The answer is yes, but you need to use a third-party tool to implement this method.To get started, follow the steps mentioned above and record a video with a music background.Now you can convert this video to audio using any method.We will recommend you aMP3 Converterapplication because it is very easy to use.

1. Download and install from the Apple StoreMP3 Converterapplication.

2. Tap + → at the bottom to import the video you shot.

3. Next, click Convert at the top right.You can also make other adjustments on this screen.

4. Finally, click Export to save the file to your desired location.


You will now have an audio file in .mp3 format on your device and play the music you want!

How to Screen Record When iPhone Plays Music

Your iPhone also allows you to record whatever is on the screen while music is playing in the background.Methods as below:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Control Center.

3. Make sure the Screen Recording option is enabled.


You can now screen record while music is playing on your iPhone, and every time you screen record, you'll see a red icon at the top of the display.Clicking this icon will stop the recording and save it in your photo!


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