Why does my MacBook vibrate when charging?

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if you were MacBook If you touch its body while charging, you may feel a tingling or vibration.This vibration is nothing to worry about and is completely normal.Read on to learn why this happens and how to get rid of this feeling.


why MacBook Does it vibrate while charging?


Your MacBook may vibrate while charging due to insufficient grounding.Simply put, grounding is the ground that connects electrical equipment to the earth.Since the earth itself carries a large amount of electrical charge, it can dissipate excess charge from electrical equipment.

Standard electrical outlets, like the one your MacBook charger is plugged into, are usually grounded to prevent excess charge.However, improper or weak grounding can cause excess charge to be conducted through your laptop's aluminum body.

So when you touch the device, electricity travels through your body to the ground.Therefore, you may feel a slight tingling sensation or vibration.

How to solve the problem of MacBook vibrating while charging


There are many ways to prevent this from happening.First, make sure you're using a three-pin charger.The third pin (usually the topmost pin) is the ground pin.It connects to the grounding system of your home's electrical wiring, ensuring that any excess electricity reaches the ground safely.

It goes without saying that this three-pin power adapter should be genuine, as avoiding cheap third-party adapters will allow your MacBook to last as long as possible.The best way is to buy a charger officially sold by Apple.This will ensure that the charger's grounding function is working properly.

Second, make sure your MacBook is placed on a flat, non-conductive surface.This can be a wooden table or a leather rug.Likewise, don't sit on surfaces made of conductive materials while using a charging MacBook.

If you use your laptop at a desk with your feet on the floor, consider wearing a pair of shoes.The rubber or leather in the shoe will act as an insulator, preventing electrical charges from flowing through the body to the ground.You can also place a rug under the table to block the flow of electricity.

It's normal for your MacBook to vibrate while charging

The vibrations your MacBook produces while charging is caused by poor grounding.The three-prong charger provides a safe ground path for charging, reducing current leakage.

You can further prevent this sensation by avoiding direct contact with the ground with your bare feet when using your MacBook plugged into the wall.Therefore, consider wearing shoes or placing your bare feet on the carpet.

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