How to fix Microsoft Word deleting text on its own

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When editing a document,Microsoft Word Will the text be deleted on its own?When this happens, you should check to see if someone else is working on the same document, or if you have accidentally enabled Word's overtyping option.

However, there are more reasons why you may encounter this problem.We've put together a list of solutions to help you regain control of your documents.


1. Check if anyone else is editing the document

Word may be fine, but someone is deleting text.If you are collaborating on a Word document with other people, they may be able to delete text if they have editing permissions.

Word displays the "Someone else is editing this document" message when you open a document.If you miss this message but the text keeps disappearing, you should check who has access to your files.

2. Check the keyboard


If Word keeps deleting text after pressing the Backspace or Delete key, it's possible that one of the keys is stuck.In this case, press lightly and check if they work properly.

If a key is stuck, you can remap the keyboard, disable the key, or clean the keyboard.

3. Disable Word’s rewrite function

If Word deletes some text as you type, you might have accidentally turned on the overwrite feature.Even if you don't have Word set up, you can enable and disable this feature by pressing "Insert" on your keyboard.

Now, if you want to prevent this from happening again, you should take a look at Word's editing options.

1. Open Word, click the "File" tab in the upper left corner, and then select "Options."

2. From the left menu, click Advanced.

3. Go to the Editing Options section.

4. Uncheck the Use insert key to control overtype mode and Use overtype mode options.

5. Click OK to save the new settings.


Go back to editing the document and check whether Word is still deleting some text on its own.

4. Delete problematic plugins

Due to a plug-in glitch, Word may be deleting text as you type.If you have installed multiple Word add-ons to increase your productivity, checking them one by one can be very time-consuming.

To test whether one of the installed plug-ins is causing the current problem, you should start Word in safe mode.This way, Word will start without any extensions and plug-ins.On a Windows computer, press Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog box.Enter winword /safe and click OK.


If the problem is now resolved, the problematic plugin should be uninstalled.

1. Go to File > Options.

2. Open the "Add-ins" menu and click "COM Add-ins". Word will now display a list of add-ins.

3. Uncheck the plugins you want to disable.

4. Click OK.


5. Delete local formats

Formatting rules may affect your ability to edit text in Word, and occasionally delete text at will.In this case, all formatting should be removed.

Before you do this, you should know that this will return Word to its default settings and remove settings such as text alignment, font size, line spacing, and more.To remove formatting rules, select the "Home" tab and click the "Clear All Formatting" button.


However, if you spend a lot of time writing and editing documents, this may not be the best solution.If you want to see more information about the formatting rules, press the Shift + F1 keys to bring up the "Show Formatting" panel.

6. Fix Microsoft 365

If Word is not the only Microsoft 365 application that has stopped working properly, then you should fix Microsoft 365.On a Windows computer, press Windows Key + I to bring up the Settings menu.Then, go to Applications > Installed Applications.


Click the three-dot icon next to Microsoft 365 and select Edit.In the pop-up window, select "Quick Fix" and click "Repair".If you still encounter the same issue after repairing Microsoft 365, read the instructions again and select "Online repair".

prevent Microsoft Word Delete text

It can be very frustrating when Word deletes document content on its own, especially when you're working on a large document where it's hard to keep track of every change.As long as you have genuine Microsoft 365, the above solutions should help you solve this problem.

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