How to use ChatGPT to automatically create documents in Microsoft Word

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Automation has become key to improving productivity and efficiency.Microsoft Word A ubiquitous word processing software, it has been the primary tool for creating documents for decades.But what if the document creation process could be enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence?

sure!With this convenient plugin, you can Chat GPT The powerful functions are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word , making your document creation process more efficient.


How to install in Word Chat GPT add-ons

Since Microsoft Copilot is the official artificial intelligence assistance tool for Microsoft Office, there is little reason to integrate ChatGPT into Office applications such as Word.but,ChatGPT for Excel Word The add-on allows you to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT using the OpenAI API within your Word application.

Here's how to install the plug-in to use ChatGPT in Word:

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Navigate to the Insert tab from the ribbon.

3. Click "Get Add-ons" to enter the Microsoft Office Add-ons Store.


4. Search for ChatGPT.

5. Find ChatGPT for Excel Word and click Add to install it.

6. Click Continue to accept the license and agreement.



After the plug-in is installed, a prompt will appear in the lower right corner telling you that the plug-in can be accessed from the "Home" tab.

How to use ChatGPT to generate documents in Word

After successfully installing the ChatGPT add-on, you need to provide it with an OpenAI API key to use it.If you don't have one yet, you can create an OpenAI API key from the OpenAI website.


Using your API key, go to the "Home" tab and select ChatGPT for Excel Word in the upper right corner.This will open a side window on the right.


Click the hamburger menu and select API Key.Paste the API key and click Save API Key.Once the green light turns on, you can use ChatGPT in Word!


The biggest advantage of this ChatGPT plug-in is that it not only saves you the hassle of browsers.It can also operate based on the context of the document or a selection within the document.After opening the plug-in, select a certain part of the document, and you will see the plug-in tooltip indicating that it is using the selection as context.You can also press Ctrl + A keys on your keyboard to select the entire document.


Now enter a prompt and click "Send" to see the magic of artificial intelligence.You can use ChatGPT to translate, summarize, and improve text in Word documents.You can also ask it questions and get answers based on the context of your choice.


Additionally, you can select a piece of text and let ChatGPT write the rest for you.Once you get the answer to the prompt, the plugin gives you the option to embed the reply under the selection, or replace the selection with a ChatGPT reply.


The plugin will display a preview of how many tokens will be spent under the tooltip. ChatGPT uses the entire conversation as context, so remember to reset the conversation to avoid exceeding your ChatGPT token limit.

Unleash the power of ChatGPT in Microsoft Word

Integrating ChatGPT into Microsoft Word offers endless possibilities for automated document creation.By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can harness the power of language models to make Word more productive and efficient.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or anyone who needs help with text, this plugin can change your life.So, why not give it a try and experience for yourself the benefits of AI-assisted document creation?

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