How to set up and customize a screensaver on your Mac

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A screensaver is an animation or video that displays when your computer is idle.They can be random images, custom text, or even a simple clock.Here's all the information you need to set up a screensaver on your Mac.


How to set up a screensaver on Mac

As mentioned above, setting up and customizing a screensaver in macOS is easy.So, follow the simple instructions below to get started:

1. Open "System Settings" on your Mac and enter "Screen Saver".

2. You will see a grid of screen saver options.You can choose from different categories according to your preference.

3. Click on the screen saver option you want to use.


If you choose a photo screensaver, click the option at the top of the screensaver menu to add your own photo.Click the Source drop-down menu to add photos from a folder or the Photos app.After selecting the picture, click Select and then select OK.


Now, the screensaver will appear whenever your Mac is idle for a certain period of time.You can use it with other customization options on your Mac to make your Mac look and operate more pleasing to the eye.

If your Mac is running macOS Sonoma, you can choose from aerial screensavers, which are basically videos in different places.You can even choose to switch between multiple aerial screensavers.

How to password protect your Mac when the screensaver is displayed

You can choose to require a password to log back into your Mac when the screensaver appears.This is a handy feature that prevents unauthorized access to your Mac.

To password-protect your Mac when the screensaver is displayed, go to System Settings > Lock Screen.Select the drop-down menu next to "Require password after screensaver starts or display closes" and set it to "Immediately."


Get the most out of screensavers on your Mac

As you can see, setting up a screensaver in macOS is very easy.After following the steps above, you can view your personalized screensaver whenever your Mac is idle.Additionally, you can control how long the screensaver appears and even choose to lock your Mac when activated.

Customize the screen saver on your Mac to make your Mac one step closer to being truly unique to you.

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