How to use toolbars in Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11

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Microsoft PC Manager More powerful than before and introducing several new features, including floating toolbars.This app is Microsoft's answer to all the third-party PC manager/cleanup apps that don't seem to be that useful these days.

You get a better overall design, including a vertical menu and multiple subsections, including a new toolbox section.Let's take a closer look at these features.


Microsoft PC Manager What are the new features of the app?

The Microsoft PC Manager application is still in beta.Previous app versions had two main sections: Cleaning and Security.But this update brings a new "Home" section that neatly arranges all the useful settings into tiles.It supports light and dark modes and adapts to default system themes.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing touches, you get four separate sections: Protection, Storage, Apps, and Toolbox.You can restore the taskbar appearance and default applications in the "Protect" section.


The Storage section has improved file cleaning tools, including an improved Large File Identifier tool. Previously, you could only preview files in File Explorer, but now the program opens a new section for Large Files Subpage with multiple filter and scan options.


You can move or permanently delete one or more files directly from this window without opening File Explorer.The deep scan option is still there, and you can even access Storage Sense from the Microsoft PC Manager app.There is nothing new in the application management section.You can end processes, manage startup apps, and access the Microsoft Store directly.

The final section is the Toolbox section, which allows you to access multiple Windows tools, display a floating toolbar on the screen, and add custom links.

How to enable the Deskbar

you must start from Microsoft PC Manager official websiteInstall the latest version of the Microsoft PC Manager application (

After installing the Microsoft PC Manager application, click on the toolbox icon in the left vertical menu.Then, click the toggle button next to the "Show toolbar on desktop" option to enable the toolbar.


With the floating toolbar on the screen, it is now possible to minimize the Microsoft PC Manager application.Click and drag the toolbar to either side of the screen to dock it there.If you don't, it will appear on top of all open applications.


It will automatically appear when you hover your mouse over the toolbar location.Click on the "Promote" button to clear memory or launch any tool.You can even add custom website links to the toolbar and launch them directly in Edge.

How to customize the toolbar

For many people, the default list of tools in the toolbar may not be enough.You may not need the Edge search option, or you may want to add more tools or remove certain tools.Here's how to customize the toolbar:

1. Move your mouse to the toolbar on the desktop to open it.

2. Click Settings.

3. Now, click Add Tool.


4. Click the plus sign (+) to add the tool to the toolbar.

5. If you want to remove the tool icon from the toolbar, click the minus (-) icon.


6. Finally, click on the desktop to close the toolbar.

You can hide toolbars without closing the Microsoft PC Manager application in the background.Hover over the toolbar to open it, then click Settings.Then click "Hide Toolbar" to hide the toolbar on the desktop.However, you must visit the "Toolbox" section in the Microsoft PC Manager application to unhide the toolbar.


User-friendly computer maintenance toolbar

The new Microsoft PC Manager application manages Windows better and is as feature-rich as any PC manager or cleaner.Now you can identify larger files, manage application and taskbar behavior, and access multiple built-in Windows applications through the toolbar, and its user interface has also been greatly improved.However, it is unclear when the app will leave the beta stage and appear in the Microsoft App Store for ordinary users.

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