How to set up and use a secondary controller on PS5

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Using a secondary controller on PS5 allows you to connect two controllers so they work like one.If you want to use this handy accessibility feature on your PS5 but don't know how, we're here to help.


What does the secondary controller do on PS5?

Connecting a secondary controller on the PS5 is Sony's answer to the co-pilot feature on the Xbox.The experience of using a secondary controller is completely different from simply connecting two DualSense controllers to complete the game.

Adding a second controller adds another player, becoming player number two.Secondary controllers allow two different controllers to operate the same user profile, so the two controllers act like one controller.


This accessibility feature is especially helpful for people with limited mobility.For example, one player can control the direction in which the avatar moves or attacks, while another player controls the camera.

This feature is also useful for younger players who need a little extra help from their parents to defeat a particularly scary final boss.There are many situations where a secondary controller can come in handy.If you want to learn how to use this feature on PS5, follow the instructions below.

How to set up a secondary controller on PS5?

Before we get started, there are a few things to note.First, the ability to connect a secondary controller to the PS5 was introduced in an update.Therefore, if you have not enabled the auto-update feature on your PS5, please manually update your PS5 to the latest version.

You also cannot use any controller as a secondary controller.You can only connect DualSense controllers or other supported third-party controllers.If you have a DualSense Edge controller, it can only be used as a primary controller, not a secondary controller.

Once you’ve checked the boxes above, you’re good to go.The process is very similar to setting up and using the Co-Pilot feature on Xbox, so it should be intuitive if you have experience with it.


Start by connecting to the controller and logging into the user profile.Then, press the gear icon in the upper right corner to open settings.


Go to Accessibility Settings and scroll down to Controllers.


Click "Use Second Controller Assist" and make sure the "Use Second Controller Assist" switch is on.


Open the second controller and select the same user profile as the primary controller.It is very important that both controllers are connected to the same user profile.Otherwise, the process will not be successful.You can tell which profile the main controller is connected to by the controller icon below the profile picture.


You can now use the second controller to assist the first player with whatever actions are needed.You can tell whether the two controllers are connected successfully by looking at the battery icon in the upper right corner.If you have two batteries instead of one, you're good to go.


To stop using the secondary controller, turn off one of the controllers to disconnect, or go back to settings and turn off "Use secondary controller."

When using a secondary controller, you don't have access to DualSense features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, or the controller's built-in microphone, but that's a small price to pay for helping others play and enjoy the games they love.

Auxiliary controllers make gaming more accessible

Traditional game controllers are mostly inconvenient to use.Their keystrokes are small, requiring very tight movements and a claw-like grip.This setup won't work for a lot of people, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy or experience the game.

There are many auxiliary controllers on the market, but they are often expensive and suitable for a limited group of people.Adding a secondary controller to your PS5 is a cheap and effective way to make gaming more accessible on a budget, especially if you already have two controllers.

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