How to use DALL-E to create mobile wallpapers

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GIVE HER is one of the most powerful AI image generators out there, and we find it to be the perfect tool for customizing imaginative wallpapers for your phone.In this guide, we'll teach you how to use it.


1. Find screen resolution


First find out the dimensions of your phone screen, we will use these dimensions to create a wallpaper that will fit perfectly.This step is especially helpful for those who own foldable phones, flip phones, or extra-large phones.

The easy way is to enter your *phone model* + screen resolution into Google or other search engines.My Samsung S10 screen resolution is 1440 x 3040 pixels.

Remember this number because we will use it later.

2. Use GIVE HER generate image


Now comes the fun part.Go to GIVE HER  website and start working on the wallpaper design.

If you joined OpenAI late, you may not get free monthly credits, but you can still get them through Microsoft's Bing Image Creator Use DALL-E for free.In fact, you can access the latest models of DALL-E using this method.

3. Use Outpainting to extend the image

When you find something that looks good, click on the image and then click Edit to open the editing window.We will use DALL-E's Outpainting function to make the image closer to the size of the phone screen.

By default, DALL-E generates square images with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels.You can compare this to the resolution of your phone screen to determine how much you need to expand the image.

My phone screen resolution is 1440 x 3040 pixels (Samsung S10).Roughly speaking, this is about 3 times the height of the original square frame.The width also needs to be expanded by about a third.


First, you can add a new spawn box by pressing the F key on your keyboard.Next, position the box so that it just overlaps the top edge of the image, and click to set it in place.

Afterwards, a text box will appear giving you the option to edit the prompt.Initially, try to keep the prompt content the same so that the new image looks like a continuation of the original image.If you want to experiment, you can remove or add text, changing what is generated in the next frame.


When you're ready, click "Generate" and wait for the results, you'll be given four different options to choose from.Don't forget to click on the options using the arrows below the image.Click "Accept" to confirm your choice.

We added two borders above the original image and then filled in the sides by adding a border that overlapped the sides of the image.Try to get as close to the size of a mobile phone as possible.


4. Download the image and resize it

Once finished, click the Download button above the Generate button.This button is easy to miss, but it looks just like a downward arrow.


If you wish, you can stop here and move on to the next step.Alternatively, if you want to check that the image is the correct size, you can open the file in an image editor, such as Preview on MacOS.

5. Set image as wallpaper

All that's left is to transfer the pictures from your computer to your phone.

A common solution is to email the file to yourself and then open it on your phone.Messaging apps are also available, but since they typically compress file sizes, they're not a great choice in terms of quality.

This is the end result.




Use DALL-E to create custom wallpapers

Jump to DALL-E and start designing custom wallpapers for your phone.The built-in editor lets you expand images to fit different sizes, which is helpful for tailoring the design to your device.

Of course, don’t feel like you can only make phone wallpapers.If you want to make a wallpaper for your desktop or tablet, you can also use the same tool to create a larger landscape image.Keep an eye on these points as they run out quickly!

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