How to disable inline predictive text on Mac

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The inline predictive text feature in macOS can help you prevent typos and other mistakes while typing, but its text suggestions aren't always accurate, and you might find it annoying.Therefore, we will show you how to disable this feature if needed.


What is inline predictive text?

Inline predictive text is a feature that recommends words, and sometimes entire sentences, that you are most likely to type next based on your typing patterns.The suggestions appear in gray, and you can enter predictive text by pressing the space bar.


Predictive text isn't a completely new feature, as it's been available on iOS for years.In fact, it's one of the best ways to improve iPhone typing speed.Apple has brought inline predictive text to Mac in macOS Sonoma, and it is enabled by default.

As of now, the feature only works with some native apps like Apple Notes, Apple Mail, and TextEdit, but you can expect support from third-party apps in the near future.

Disable predictive text input on Mac

While this is a useful feature for some, others may find inline predictive text while typing a bit distracting and prefer to turn it off.You can easily disable it by following these steps:

1. Launch System Settings and select Keyboard from the side menu.

2. Click the Edit option next to the input source under the Text Input section.


3. Toggle off the "Show embedded predictive text" switch.

4. Click "Finish" to save changes.


After this point, you won't see any prediction suggestions as you type.If you change your mind and want to use this feature, you can repeat these steps and turn it back on.

Eliminate annoying text suggestions on Mac

Hopefully this guide helped you disable predictive text on your Mac.While predictive text is a handy feature, you have to stop typing to read the suggestions before deciding whether to keep them, which affects your typing speed.Additionally, disabling it gives you more control over the input without any unnecessary interference.

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