5 Quick and Easy Ways to Open Apps on Mac

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Want to Mac open the app?There are many methods to choose from, such as Spotlight Search or Dock.Whether you use the Dock, Spotlight search, or many other methods, inMacOpening your applications on the Internet is a breeze.

1. Search with Spotlight


Spotlight is the fastest way to open any application on your Mac.Just press Cmd + Space to invoke Spotlight search, enter the app's name, and hit Enter to open it.

2. Using Launchpad


Your Mac's Launchpad offers another quick way to get apps.Select the Launchpad icon on the Dock (next to the Finder icon) and a screen with all the apps on your Mac appears.Then, click or tap an app to open it.Alternatively, control-click the Launchpad icon on the Dock to display a list of all applications in a list.


3. Use the Applications folder


You can also open applications directly from the Applications folder on your Mac.Open a Finder window and select "Applications" on the sidebar.Alternatively, press Cmd + Shift + A on the desktop.

Then you can double-click the app you want to open.You can also find various applications such as Terminal and Disk Utility in a special folder called "Utilities".

4. Ask Siri


Could you also try Siri, just select the Siri icon in the far right corner of the menu bar, say the name of an app aloud, and it will open instantly.

5. Use the Dock


The Mac's Dock is highly customizable.If you don't see your favorite apps, just drag them in from Spotlight Search, Launchpad, or the Applications folder, and they'll stay there permanently.

While some of the methods above are much faster than others, it's up to you how you want to open your application.If you are willing to try, then there should be one of the above methods that suits you.


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