How to use ChatGPT on Mac

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There is no doubt that OpenAI’s Chat GPT is the leading public artificial intelligence tool.You can use it to generate text, conduct research, and improve overall productivity.It works well on macOS and is the best chatbot for Mac users.

However, you may be wondering how to use it on a Mac Chat GPT.Luckily, if you've used it on other devices, you don't have to worry as the steps are exactly the same.However, if you are new to this, please follow the steps below.


How to use ChatGPT with a Mac browser

OpenAI does not provide an official ChatGPT desktop application for MacOS.Therefore, accessing the ChatGPT website through a browser on Mac is still the best way to use ChatGPT.

Here’s how to use an AI chatbot in your browser:

1. Open your favorite browser and type in the address bar hit the Return (or Enter) key.


2. If you already have an account, please select "Login"; if you don't have an account, please select "Register".

3. Enter your email and password.

4. Alternatively, click "Continue with Google" to log in or register with a Google account.This method is faster and saves you the trouble of remembering your password.


5. If you are using Safari, you can click "Continue using Apple" to register with your Apple account and Touch ID.This option is ideal if you want to hide your email address from OpenAI.


Once completed, you can access ChatGPT and start typing your prompts.By default, you get GPT 3.5 for free.You have to pay for ChatGPT Plus to access GPT 4, which is a better, more creative version of GPT 3.5.

Other ways to access ChatGPT on Mac

While a browser is the most reliable way to access ChatGPT on a Mac, there are other ways to shorten the steps.

You can add ChatGPT to the Dock as a web application.Open in Safari, click File on the menu bar and select Add to Dock.Click Add when you see the dialog box.


If you want to integrate your chatbot into your Mac so that you can use it without opening a browser, you can download MacGPT.This is a third-party application that adds ChatGPT's conversation window to the desktop and menu bar.But you need to pay $20 for it.

That’s all the known ways to use OpenAI chatbot on Mac.

Waiting for the official ChatGPT app for Mac

Currently, accessing ChatGPT through a Mac browser is the safest option.If you don't mind paying for a third-party app, you can go ahead and buy it, like MacGPT.Still, it's best to wait and see if OpenAI releases a desktop app for macOS, although that seems unlikely.

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