How to make a WhatsApp voice memo self-destruct after listening to it once?

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Have you ever wanted to send a voicemail that disappears after you listen to it?Maybe you want to share a secret, a joke, or a confession with someone, but don't want them to keep it forever.

Now you can do this with WhatsApp. WhatsApp has introduced a "view once" mode for voice memos, allowing audio messages you send to be automatically destroyed after the recipient plays them.


See how a voice note works

The "view once" mode for voice notes is similar to the "view once" mode on WhatsApp for sending "view once" photos and videos, which is a feature coming in 2021.It allows you to send voice notes that can only be played once by the recipient and then disappear from the chat.

Once the recipient clicks on the voice note to play it, a dedicated listening page opens.Recipients can replay the voice note as often as they like without exiting the listening page.Once you leave the listening page, the voice note disappears from the chat.

"View once" mode also prevents recipients from exporting, forwarding, saving, or recording voice notes on their device.In voice-only chats, self-destructing voice notes can replace disappearing WhatsApp messages.

How to make a WhatsApp voice memo self-destruct after listening to it once

To use the "view once" mode of Voice Memos, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your iOS or Android device.The feature is still being rolled out, so you might not see it right away.




1. Open a chat with the person you want to send a voice memo to.

2. Tap and hold the microphone icon in the lower right corner of the screen to start recording the voice memo.

3. Swipe up with your finger to lock recording mode.You'll see a new "View once" icon next to the timer.

4. Click the View Once icon.

5. Finish recording the voice note and tap the Send button.

Checking your voice notes once is not foolproof

WhatsApp's View Once mode is a fun and exciting way to send voice notes that are automatically destroyed after being listened to once.It can add some spice and mystery to your conversations, or help you share sensitive information.

However, this is not a foolproof way to protect sensitive information or conversations.The recipient can still find a way to capture or record your voice memo before it disappears.So be careful about what you talk to and who you talk to.

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