How to post a game review on Steam

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Every PC gamer knows that Steam is the place to go for all your digital gaming needs. Valve's platform offers a ton of video games, sales, DLC, mods, community and even multiplayer support, just to name a few.

However, Steam has also become a voice for the masses, a place where the public can share their opinions on games.You can be part of that voice by posting critical opinions about games you own on Steam.We'll show you exactly how to do it here.


Step 1: Log in to Steam and find the game in the library

Before you can review a game on Steam, you must own the game.You can purchase games by logging into the Steam website or installing Steam on your computer and launching the desktop app.

The specific operations are as follows:

1. Log in to Steam (website or app).

2. Website: Move your cursor to your username in the top menu and select a game from the drop-down menu.


Application: Select "Library" from the top menu.You can find all games in the left menu.

Website: Click "All Games" to view all games.

Once on this page, you can browse and find the game you want to review.However, you can't comment on games through Steam's mobile app.

Step 2: Open the game library page first, then open the store page

You cannot leave a review in the game library; you must first visit the game's store page.

If you are using the desktop application, this is what you should do:

1. Select the game you want to review in the library.It will open your library page, displaying personal statistics for the game.

2. Click "Store Page" below the game image and title.


If you are using the Steam website version, just click on the game title in the menu and you will automatically enter the game store page.

Step 3: Leave a comment in the "Write a Comment" section

Once on the store page, just scroll down and you'll see the "Write a Review" section.This is a rectangular text box into which you can type.

If you want to format the text, such as adding headings, bolding, or italics, click the formatting help at the bottom right of the input box to see how.

The following are additional instructions:

You can select "Visibility" to make your post public or only visible to your friends.

Select language to select the language tags you want to add to your comment.

You can toggle "Allow comments" to let others add replies to your comments.

Toggle this checkbox to be checked or unchecked depending on whether you received this product for free. This is important so readers know you may be compensated for your review , and you have no financial investment in the game.


Once you're done, select "Yes" or "No" in the "Do you recommend this game?" section and click "Post Review."

How to view, edit and delete your Steam comments

Once your comment is live, you can come back to edit and modify it.You can simply go back to the game's store page and scroll to where the review box used to be.You'll notice that it now says "View your comments."


Clicking on it will open a section where you can see your comment and its comments.There is a tab on the right where you can edit comments, delete comments, toggle comments, and change visibility and language options.


While you can't leave reviews on the mobile Steam app, you can view your comments via Menu > Library > [Games] > My Game Content > My Comments.

Additional information about Steam reviews

That's not all; there are some other things you should know about Steam reviews:

Popular reviews can earn you awards and high ratings.Earning rewards earns you Steam Points, which you can redeem for Steam items.

Steam reviews have a word limit of 8000 words.This number is loose, but you can't go into too detailed an analysis.

You can add GIFs and screenshots to your comments.But you first have to learn how to take and manage screenshots on Steam, and then add them as links.

The above is all about leaving reviews on Steam.

Remember to leave polite, honest and detailed Steam reviews

Making a video game is no easy task, and while you may be the client, you have to remember that there are people behind the game.Your review must be honest and only posted after playing for a few hours.

While you don't always have to leave good reviews, please try to leave constructive feedback for other players and developers.

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