How to play two videos at the same time using VLC media player

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How to play two videos at the same time?You can use two different apps, but it may be difficult to synchronize playback.And using two different devices doesn't make it any easier.

Instead of struggling with multiple applications or devices, use VLC media player.We're going to show you a quick trick that allows you to play two media files at the same time.


Customize VLC settings to play two videos simultaneously

Even though VLC has many impressive features, you can't simply drag and drop a second video and have them play simultaneously.Here's how to change VLC's default settings so that it can play two videos at the same time:

1. Start VLC media player.

2. Open the "Tools" menu and go to "Preferences".Or use the Ctrl + P VLC shortcut key.


3. In the Preferences window, click Interface.

4. Select the "Simple" option under "Display settings."

5. Uncheck "Allow only one instance".This way, you can open multiple instances of VLC to play videos side by side.

6. Click Save to apply the new VLC changes.


If you have a Mac, you cannot play multiple instances of VLC media player by adjusting the application's settings.

How to sync two videos in VLC media player

The best thing about using VLC media player to play two videos at the same time is that you can easily play them simultaneously.Here's how to do it:

1. Start VLC media player.

2. Go to Media > Open Multiple Files.Or press Ctrl + Shift + O.


3. Click the "Add" button to add the first video and browse to its location.

4. In the pop-up "Open Media" window, select "Show more options".

5. Select to play another media simultaneously.

6. Click the Browse button next to Additional Media and select the second video.


7. After adding the two videos, click "Play" at the bottom of the window.


Now, you can play multiple videos with VLC.However, VLC doesn't arrange windows so you can play videos side by side and analyze or compare them.Instead, you must manually resize and position the window.

Now you can control the video playback at the same time.You can adjust playback speed and audio, and even edit two videos.In the first video's window, go to Tools > Effects & Filters.You can change audio and video effects or adjust sync settings.


Can I play video and audio files at the same time?

Using VLC media player, you can play video and audio files simultaneously.This is useful if you want to add narration or check the voiceover language.To add an audio file, follow the steps above and select the audio file instead of the second video.

After adding both files, click Play.This time, VLC will play both files in the same window.This way, you can check the synchronization of your audio and video files and make adjustments.

Watch two videos at the same time using VLC media player

VLC media player has a lot to offer, especially for an app that you can get for free.One of the best features is the ability to play two videos simultaneously and control them easily.

Additionally, you can convert videos to different formats, remove audio from videos, and even loop videos.

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