How to reset Netflix viewing progress

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If you want to Netflix There is a red bar under the show you are watching on, which means the show is already there Netflix I've seen it in the documentation.


Whether you or someone else watched the show, you'll want to delete the viewing progress bar so you can watch the show again - and we'll teach you how.

Why should I reset my Netflix viewing progress?


In your Netflix profile, the red bar below the shows you or others have watched is called viewing progress.This is a handy indicator that lets you know where you left off so you don't have to remember which episode or timestamp you were watching at the time.

However, if you're rewatching a series or watching an episode that someone else has seen, you might be confused about which episode you watched last.What’s more, you’ll continue to watch later episodes, leading to spoilers.

Watching your progress is a feature that's supposed to help you, but it can be inconvenient if it's out of sync with your actual progress.

If you want a smooth viewing experience without having to remember the last episode you watched, you need to reset your viewing progress on Netflix.

How to reset your viewing progress on Netflix

Resetting the watched shows in your Netflix profile can only be done in the browser.You can use your TV's browser or your phone, but it's easiest on a computer.Follow me and learn how to reset your Netflix profile's viewing progress.Don't worry, this won't affect other profiles that don't belong to you.

Step 1: Enter your Netflix account

We will open Netflix on a desktop browser.If you are using a mobile phone, you can operate it on the mobile browser.


With Netflix open in your browser, select the profile whose viewing progress you want to reset for a show.To make it easier later, click on an episode of the show.This will ensure that it later appears as a recently watched show.


Click the profile icon in the upper right corner > Account.This will open a page where you can manage your Netflix account settings.

Step 2: Access your browsing activity


On the Netflix account settings page, scroll down to "Profiles and Parental Controls."

Every Netflix profile has a downward-facing wedge logo.Click the wedge icon for the program's profile you want to reset.


In the list of profile settings, click View Activity.

Step 3: Remove Netflix shows from viewing activity

Once you're on your Netflix viewing activity page, look for the title of the show you want to reset your progress for.

If you followed our advice and clicked on an episode, it should be at the top of the list.In our case, we want to delete Kingdom, not recently watched shows.


To the right of the show title, you'll see a circle with a slash through it.Click the circle to remove it from viewing activity.


Doing so will also remove it from suggestions, so you'll have to search for the show to watch it again.However, you will find that the red bar below the program has disappeared.If not, you will have to wait up to 24 hours, as shown in the picture above.

Reset viewing progress for a smoother rewatching experience

The watch progress feature makes it easy to watch a show again without having to remember where you left off.We hope this guide helps you take advantage of this feature and prevent spoilers as you watch the show from the beginning.

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