How to fix Skype connection errors on Windows

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Skype or Whatsapp is a popular messaging application that is widely used on Windows 11/10 PCs.However,Skype or Whatsapp Connection issues prevented some users from using the app.For example, some users will see a connection error saying "Sorry, we can't connect to Skype."The application can be opened but the Skype connection cannot be established, even though there are no general internet connection issues.

Therefore, users cannot make calls or chat using the Windows version of Skype software.Do you also get similar Skype connection errors when you try to use the software?Here’s how to fix Skype connection errors on Windows 11/10 computers.


1. Check Skype server status

First, don't rule out the possibility of a general problem with the Skype servers. There are many reasons why Skype servers go down.Sometimes it can be due to maintenance.

To check, open the Skype Server Status page.If the page says there's a problem with the Skype server, this may be the cause of the connection error.In this case, all you can do is wait for the page to show that the Skype server status is OK.


2. Use the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

If you are using the Skype MS Store app, the Windows Store Apps troubleshooting tool can help you resolve Skype connection issues. Windows Store Apps is a troubleshooting tool that can fix UWP app issues.It can also help solve Skype connection problems.


3. Delete Skype application data folder

Corrupted Skype data can cause connection errors.Users confirmed that their Skype connection issues were resolved after deleting the Skype data folder in the roaming directory.You can delete this folder by following these steps:

1. Make sure Skype is not running in the background.

2. Start Run (press Windows Key + R simultaneously) and enter %appdata% in the Open box.

3. Click the "OK" button of the run to open the roaming folder in File Explorer.

4. Right-click on the Skype data folder and select "Delete" to delete it.


5. Exit the Explorer window and restart Windows.

4. Deselect proxy server settings

Does your computer have a proxy server enabled?If so, Skype may not be able to connect properly as a result.Please try turning off the proxy settings through the Internet Properties window.You can follow this article aboutTurn off proxy settings on Windows 11Follow the instructions in the article.


5. Select all "Use TLS" settings

Users confirm that selecting all "Use TLS" settings in Internet options can fix Skype connection errors. TLS is the abbreviation of Transport Layer Security and is Skype’s communication security protocol used for information encryption.

Here's how to select all "Use TLS" settings:

1. Press the Windows logo and the S key to enter the file search tool.

2. Enter Internet Options in the file search box.

3. Click Internet Options to pop up the properties window.

4. Select "Advanced" on the tab bar.

5. Scroll down to Use TLS security setting.

6. Select all Use TLS check boxes.


7. Also, select the Use SSL check box.

8. Click "Apply" to set the new Internet settings.

6. Disable all active firewalls

A firewall is a network security tool used to filter traffic in and out of a network. Windows' firewall may block the Skype application from connecting.If you have a third-party firewall installed, it can cause the same problem.

Therefore, try temporarily turning off the firewall on your Windows computer.If you also have a third-party security application installed, disable its firewall through the software settings.Then use Skype to see if the connection error persists.


If it works, your firewall may not allow Skype to pass through.Please check your firewall's allowed applications list and allow Skype to communicate through that list.When allowing Skype through the firewall, turn the firewall back on.

7. Update the driver for your computer’s network adapter

If your network adapter driver is old, you may need to update the driver to resolve Skype connection errors.The easiest way is to scan your computer with a driver update tool and then use the software to install a new driver for your computer's network adapter.


8. Close any active VPN connections

If you have a VPN connection, disconnect it.Then try using Skype using a standard internet connection.You can turn off VPN through "Settings" as follows:

1. Press Windows Key + I and click Network & Internet in the Settings app that opens.

2. Click VPN to open the virtual private network settings.


3. Press the disconnect button for the listed VPN.


9. Perform a network reset

Even if the network connection is normal, Skype connection errors are network-related issues.So if other possible solutions fail, refreshing the network settings might do the trick.Resetting the network returns network components to their original settings.


After applying this potential solution, you will need to reconnect your computer to the Internet.So make sure you have your network password and username details handy to reconnect.

10. Reinstall Skype software

If you cannot fix the connection error using other potential troubleshooting methods, reinstall the Skype software.Doing this will at least ensure that you are using the latest Skype version.


You can download and install the Skype desktop software or UWP application.Open "Download Skype page, click the down arrow on the Get Skype button and select Get Skype for Windows to get the installation file for the desktop software. Then double-click the Skype installation file in any folder to reinstall the software .

If you prefer UWP apps, open Skype page on Microsoft Store.Click the Get it in Store option for Skype and select Open Microsoft Store.Select "Install" to download and add Skype to your computer.

Restart a Skype call on Windows

These potential solutions can resolve most Skype connection issues.Many users confirmed that they have fixed Skype connection errors by applying these methods.So, try these methods whenever your Skype app is unable to establish a chat or call connection.

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