How to open RAR files on any Android phone

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RAR files are one of the many file types you'll encounter when downloading large files on the Internet. RAR files are an archive format that can contain multiple independent files, but unlike PDF, audio, and video files, you cannot directly open RAR files on Android.

You will need an application that can open the archive to view its contents.We will show you how to open RAR files on your Android phone.


How to open RAR files on Android

To open a RAR file, you need a file management application that supports the format.For this tutorial, we have chosen Solid Explorer file manager, which is one of our best Android file managers.

To open RAR files on Android:

1. Download and install Solid Explorer File Manager.

2. Open the application and agree to the User Agreement.

3. Click "Grant" and toggle on "Allow access to manage all files" to grant the application access to your files.




4. Back in the application, navigate to your RAR file and click on it. Solid Explorer will open the file and let you preview its contents.You can even click on any file within the archive to open it.

5. To extract files from a RAR archive, click on the three-dot menu on the top right and select "Extract".

6. Then, select a location to store the contents of the compressed package and click "Select" in the pop-up window.The application will decompress the RAR archive, and once the decompression is complete, you will see the button in the lower right corner turn green.




Navigate to the location where you chose to save the archived content to view the files.Thanks to its comprehensive archive support, you can also use Solid Explorer to open ZIP files on Android.It also supports 7ZIP and TAR archive formats.

Alternative file manager apps to open RAR files on Android

In addition to the Solid Explorer file manager, you can use other applications to achieve the same effect. X-plore file manager is another solid option that allows you to preview archive files before extracting their contents.This is important because opening a RAR file can expose you to viruses.

Total Commander is another software that supports archive preview, so you can double-check the contents of the archive before extracting it.

Download: Xplore File Manager (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: Total Commander (free)

Easily open any RAR archive on Android

RAR allows anyone to compress files for easy sharing over the Internet or other means.If you receive a RAR archive on Android, you can easily open it using the instructions above.However, just in case, we recommend previewing the RAR file before opening it to make sure it contains what you expect.

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