How to turn off the “Recommended games for you” feature in Windows 11

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When you perform a search, Windows can display a large amount of information.For some users, this is a good thing.For other users, they may find themselves getting information they don't need, such as recommendations for games they don't play at all.


Let's see how to Windows 11 Disable "Game for you" recommendations in .

Why do I see "Games for you" recommendations?


Anything that appears in search that isn't related to what you're searching for is due to a feature called Search Highlights.This includes trending news, trending videos, and trending searches.

While trending news articles are helpful for at-a-glance results, it’s questionable whether recommended videos will get you more bang for your buck.If you're not a gamer, there's no point in seeing games available for download.

Fortunately, you can disable this feature.

How to turn off search highlighting and remove "Games for you" recommendations


Turning this feature off is very simple.Open the Start menu, search for "search highlights" and click on the search results.

If you scroll all the way down the page, you'll see an option called "Show search highlights."Toggle it to off.There are other ways to disable Search Highlights, but this is the quickest one.

Restart your system and the "Games for you" section will disappear.

Will doing this turn off other ads?


Turning this feature off will disable all search highlights mentioned earlier.You won't be recommended videos or shown popular news articles.

This might be desirable if you want a cleaner search menu, but some users might like the News section but not have any need for the Games section.

Unfortunately, you cannot disable individual sections.Search Highlights is an all-in-one software package.

Remove redundant information on Windows

For users who want to reduce clutter on their screen, it's a good thing that we can quickly turn off search highlighting.This either/or setup is disappointing for those who like to search for highlights but may not enjoy the game.Hopefully Microsoft will modularize this feature in the future.

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