iCloud Drive vs Google One: Which cloud storage service should you choose for your Mac?

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With so many services out there, you might be confused about which cloud storage to use.Most users prefer to use Apple's iCloud Drive service because it integrates well with the Apple ecosystem.However, other options may also be good, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Given that Apple and Google's products are the most popular, we'll take a closer look at Apple'siCloud DriveCompare with Google's Mac One service.

what is iCloud Drive andGoogle One?

Both Apple and Google offer top-notch cloud storage capabilities through their online services.Apple's iCloud Drive mainly provides online cloud storage for Apple users.However, the service can also be accessed and used from Windows and Android platforms.

Google recently rebranded its online cloud service from Google DriveGoogle One, to clarify that the space is shared between its different services such as Gmail, Photos, Documents, etc. Google Drive now only refers to the Google Drive application for managing online files.



iCloud Drive and Google One have similar capabilities when it comes to cloud storage, and both services allow you to upload, sync, and keep your data in their cloud storage.You can optionally enable file syncing, which automatically syncs your online folders with your Mac, allowing real-time data backup.

Again, both services integrate with productivity apps, home sharing, file versioning, and custom file sharing link sharing.

Another great thing about Google One, however, is that you can log into multiple accounts and easily swap between them.This makes it easier to collaborate and work on multiple accounts.



From a security point of view, Apple's platform should be much more secure than Google's platform.Nearly all data stored on iCloud servers is encrypted in transit and at rest according to the 128-bit AES standard. iCloud also has some security features, including iCloud Keychain, Safari History, Wi-Fi passwords, which are all end-to-end encrypted.

Google also encrypts data in transit and at rest, but it doesn't offer end-to-end encryption.This means that your data may be accessed by Google employees or by anyone (including law enforcement) to whom Google has provided data to you.While the odds of this happening are very small, it's still a possibility.

macOS integration


Compared with Google Drive, Apple's iCloud Drive is naturally more integrated into the Apple ecosystem.All your synced files are available on all your Apple devices (via the Files app).Photos, eBooks, music, and more are also available through iCloud Sync, which is a boon for many.

All functions run almost entirely in the background, which makes using it a breeze.All of your iCloud Drive files are also accessible via a web browser, so you can choose to log in and access them from another PC if needed.

Google One does offer integration and syncing to your Mac through its Google Drive for the desktop app.While it works well, it doesn't integrate as well as iCloud Drive, so Apple has a slight edge in this regard.


Both iCloud Drive and Google One offer good performance with good upload/download speeds and other features.However, some users have complained that the Google One can sometimes be a bit slow when uploading data, and while this doesn't happen often, you should keep that in mind.



iCloud only offers 5GB of free storage by default.That's fine if you need to store some files and documents, but ridiculously small if you want to store photos or videos.That 5GB also includes backups of any iPhone or iPad you might have, so you can imagine how limited you are.

If you want to upgrade, it's $50 per month for 0.99GB, $200 ​​per month for 2.99GB, and $2 per month for 9.99TB.Family Sharing is also enabled on the latter two plans, which means your total storage can be shared with your family members, and your data remains private.

If you choose to upgrade your iCloud storage, you also get an extra feature called iCloud+.These features include iCloud Private Relay, free storage for HomeKit-enabled security cameras, Hide My Email feature, and more.

On the other hand, Google One offers all users 15GB of free startup space, which is much better than the 5GB offered by Apple.If you still want to upgrade, 100GB is $1.99 per month, 200GB is $2.99, 2TB is $9.99, and 10TB is $99.99.

Google One storage plans can also be shared among up to five family members, which might make sense if you're looking to divide up your storage space.However, for normal use, 15GB may be enough, and you probably won't need to spend the extra at all.

in conclusion

If you want to use cloud storage on your Mac computer, there is no doubt that iCloud Drive is the better choice.The fact that it was developed by Apple and integrates perfectly with macOS makes it a winner in this case.

However, if you want to use it on a different device, it's completely different.Outside of the Apple ecosystem, you can have a hard time using iCloud's services because they don't work as efficiently as Google One does on a variety of devices.

As with almost everything these days, no service is perfect and everything has its pros and cons.In this case, you can use both iCloud Drive and Google One as your cloud storage services.



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