Top three websites to learn music production for free

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As recording music at home becomes more common, both amateurs and professionals can benefit from a simple production setup.But while you don't need to break the bank to have a reasonable home studio, learning how to make your tracks sound great does take guidance and time.


Fortunately, there are several great websites that offer free guidance for music production enthusiasts.

1. Alison


Alison is an incredible resource that provides a wealth of free teaching materials across a range of subjects.There are many different free courses in the music production category.Students only need to register to start learning.

Mastering the Art of Creating Deadmau5 Style Tracks is a fantastic three-module course for those who want to learn how to create electronic music tracks using FL Studio.The first module walks participants through a variety of plug-ins to learn the ins and outs of creating energetic rhythms.

The second module expands on the first part, teaching users how to create an overall soundtrack, including filling in space and mixing sounds to create a cool song.The final module is course evaluation.

The Music Producer Masterclass is a ten-module course that provides users with a wealth of information.Participants learn how to develop musical ideas before delving into remixes.Through the fifth module, the course demonstrates some simple song ideas.

The sixth module focuses on vocal processing techniques, including pitch correction and editing vocal clips to create the ideal singing part for the song.But wait, that’s not all!

This course also covers audio track mastering techniques, which is the final post-production stage of recording music.Finally, students will also learn how to publish music for sale online, teaching you how to make money from your music, although the course is completely free!

this is only Alison Take two of the many music production courses available, an extremely valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make their songs sound amazing.

2. Education & Bass


Education & Bass requires users to register to take its courses.Courses are free once you register and there are many courses to choose from on this excellent website.

Jungle Crafting: The Basics is an in-depth course that provides 4 hours of instructional material.With Nomine aka Outrage as their teacher, participants can draw on his vast experience to gain an in-depth understanding of the jungle/drum and bass sounds that form the basis of several popular electronic music genres.

This course is divided into 26 modules. After completion, users will definitely be provided with unique skills and comprehensive knowledge.

As the name suggests, Vocal Synthesis and Arrangement focuses on capturing and refining the details of high-quality vocals for recordings.Students will learn how to obtain the ideal vocal clip and then process multiple vocal recordings to combine them into a high-quality audio track.

In addition, this course will teach users how to effectively use Logic's Flex Pitch and Flex Rhythm features to ensure that vocals are on time and in perfect pitch.

Almost everyone understands the basics of how a microphone works, but those who want to make high-quality music recordings would be wise to take their knowledge to the next level.Microphones: How to Use Them begins with a description of the various types of microphones before delving into polar patterns and testing methods.

The course also delves into different ways of using microphones during recording and provides an in-depth analysis of the mixing stage.

There are many different programs available for recording music, each with its own features and benefits. Pro Tools is an industry standard, making it ideal for anyone interested in recording music. Pro Tools: Introduction is a relatively short course, but still provides a lot of important information for users just getting started with the software.

Recording a drum kit is often one of the more challenging aspects of music production.With so many different components, it can be difficult to know how to capture the various drums and cymbals most effectively.

Drum Microphone and Recording Courses are a great resource for helping enthusiasts get the most out of their recording setup, even a fairly basic one.Students will learn how to utilize different microphones and positions to achieve high-quality drum recordings.

One of the keys to this course is the instructor's advice that it's possible to make high-quality recordings even without a professional microphone collection.Another fantastic thing about this course is how important it is to learn the rules before breaking them, this is an essential element of becoming a successful music producer.

3. Noiselab


For those who want to learn Ableton Live, a popular digital audio workstation,Noiselab is an excellent website.Students can directly take the free introductory course. If they want to learn further, they can also sign up for other paid courses.

The free course begins by teaching the basics of the Ableton Live interface and settings.Students will learn how to use midi instruments and audio files to create complete works.

For an introductory course, the material is very informative, providing detailed information on clip-on quantization, clip envelopes, and various editing and automation techniques.

It's completely free for students to dive into Ableton Live, as the Getting Started section provides a wealth of information on the DAW's range of recording techniques.

Recording quality is even better

Whether you're a hobbyist or a veteran musician, making music is a wonderful activity.Recording a song can be a very fulfilling experience, allowing one to record their music forever and maybe even sell it to others, make some money and share their creativity.

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