How to use your iPhone as a remote control for Android TV

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Nowadays, most Android TV The remote control has limited buttons and is difficult to control the TV.Whether you're browsing apps, changing settings, or typing, using your TV's basic remote can get tiresome.

Fortunately, you don't have to.If you're tired of using the D-pad, you can do everything on your iPhone instead.Let’s see how to use iPhone as a remote control to control Android TV.


Requirements for controlling Android TV with iPhone

To control Android TV with your iPhone, just download the Google TV app on your iPhone and log in with your Google account.Please make sure to use the same account as Android TV.

Google TV is one of the best TV remote control apps to control Android TV.Next, make sure your iPhone and Android TV are on the same Wi-Fi network so they work properly.Alternatively, you can connect two devices via Bluetooth.

How to control Android TV with iPhone

The process of using your iPhone as an Android TV remote is very simple.Here's what you need to do:

1. Launch the Google TV app on your iPhone and click the "Nearby TV" button in the lower right corner.

2. You should see your Android TV in the "Select a device" list.Select it to connect.

3. Use the alphanumeric code on the TV to enter the six-digit code on the iPhone to pair them.

4. Once pairing is complete, a virtual TV remote will appear on your iPhone screen.




You can control Android TV using the on-screen buttons, or you can switch to the D-pad layout by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner.

You can also use voice commands on Android TV using the Google Assistant button. The Google TV app also lets you use your iPhone's keyboard to enter text when needed.The keyboard automatically appears when you need to enter text.



Once you're done using your iPhone as a remote control, if you want to disconnect Android TV from the app, tap the green TV symbol next to your TV's name.

If you have multiple Android TVs at home, you can also switch between them.Simply tap the name of the currently controlled Android TV and a list of available nearby TVs will appear again.Just select the TV you want to switch to.

Why use iPhone to control Android TV?

As you can see, connecting and using your iPhone as a remote control for Android TV is very simple.This may be more convenient than a traditional remote control, as you can use it to navigate the TV screen, adjust the volume, and quickly type or paste text and links.

The remote may be lost behind the couch or thrown somewhere by a toddler, but we always keep our phones close to us.Plus, using an iPhone instead of a remote means one less gadget in the house to worry about.

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