How to embed PowerPoint slides in Word

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In today's world, the need to create and share documents containing a variety of media types is ubiquitous.With widely used applications like Word and PowerPoint, the Microsoft Office suite offers many features that allow you to seamlessly integrate different types of content into documents.


Embedding PowerPoint slides in a Word document is an example of integrating different Office applications.Whether you want to present a presentation or combine the two formats, there are several ways to embed PowerPoint slides in Word.

1. Insert PowerPoint slides as objects in Word

In Microsoft Word, an object is any non-text component in a document.You can use objects to import data into Microsoft Word, including PowerPoint slides.Here's how to implement this feature:

1. Open the Word document and enter the Insert menu.

2. In the "Text" section, click the "Object" button.


3. In the dialog box, go to Create from file.


4. Click Browse and select the PowerPoint presentation.

Checking "Insert Link" will embed the slide and add a shortcut to the source file.If the source file changes, the embedded slides will change as well.If this option is unchecked, a copy of the slide will be inserted into the document and changes to the source file will not be reflected.

The second checkbox is Show as icon.This inserts an icon and filename into the document rather than the slide itself.You have to click on the icon to see the slideshow.

2. Paste PowerPoint slides into Word

A more versatile and straightforward way to embed a PowerPoint slide is to copy and paste it into Word.This allows you to select which slides to embed without having to deal with objects and links.Here's how to paste PowerPoint slides into Word:

1. Open a PowerPoint presentation.

2. Highlight the slide thumbnail you want to embed.


3. Right-click the slide and select Copy.

There are two ways to go from here.You can paste the clipboard as is, or use the "Paste Special" option.The former simply pastes the slide as an image, while the latter pastes the slide as a proper editable object.Here's how to use "Paste Special" in Word:

1. Switch to the Word document and click where you want the information to appear.

2. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the arrow under Paste.


3. Select "Paste Special".


4. In the Paste Special dialog box, select the Microsoft PowerPoint Slide object.

5. Click OK.

As before, you can link to the source file by selecting "Paste Link".Selecting Paste will create a copy of the slide and will not reflect changes in the source file.You can also check "Show as icon" to add an icon instead of the slide itself.

3. Export PowerPoint handouts to Word

Another method worth mentioning is using PowerPoint handouts.You can easily export it to Word to display the slideshow in the document. PowerPoint handouts are essentially a compilation of slides with extra space for notes or annotations, making them ideal for supplementing content in Word documents.

1. Open a PowerPoint presentation.

2. Go to the File menu and select Export.


3. Click Create Handout.


4. In the dialog box, select the desired page layout and whether you want to insert a link.

5. Click OK.

PowerPoint will open in Word and create a new document containing the slides.

Add power to your Word documents

Adding PowerPoint slides to a Word document can enhance the visual appeal and impact of the document.Fortunately, Word and PowerPoint offer several ways to do this.You can embed slides as objects, paste them as images, or create PowerPoint handouts.

By experimenting with these options, you'll be able to combine the power of Word and PowerPoint to create compelling, informative documents.

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