How to Make GIFs on iPhone and iPad

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We use emoji all the time, and it's a great way to convey our emotions.But it's often better when we receive GIFs from other people, providing people with a brief scene of our reactions and conveying deep thoughts in a split second.So, you might want to make your own GIF too.

But how should you make DIY GIFs on your iPhone or iPad?Next, let's take a look at:

How to make from Live Photos via the Photos appgifimage

Using the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad is one of the easiest ways to turn Live Photos into GIFs, here's how:

1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to the album.

3. Click Live Photo under Media Type.

4. Now, select the Live Photo you want to turn into a GIF.

5. In the upper left corner, tap Live→Loop.


It's that easy, now you can share your Live Photos with others as GIFs.

Create GIFs from the Shortcuts app on iPhone

One of the ways to create GIFs is to use the Shortcuts app, which you can install from the App Store if you don't already have it.

Make GIFs with Burst/Live Photos

1. Open the Shortcuts application.

2. Click Gallery in the lower right corner.

3. In the search bar, search for Convert burst to GIF and you should now see a banner with this title.

4. Click the + icon on the banner to add a converter.

5. Next, go to My Shortcuts in the lower left corner, you should now see the Convert Burst To GIF banner there.

6. To convert a Live Photo to a GIF (for burst photos, skip the steps below), tap the three horizontal dots at the top right.


7. Next, tap Burst.

8. Select Live Photo → tap the close ( X ) icon.

9. Click the Convert Burst To GIF banner.Select the photos you want to convert and wait for the process to finish.

10. Click Done in the upper right corner.

11. Select Save to Photos or Share.


It should be noted that the converter only converts burst photos by default.So if you're only going to change your burst photo to GIF, you don't need to change the burst option to Live Photo as we did earlier.

Make GIFs out of videos

It's also easy to make GIFs from videos.But in this case, you need a shortcut that can convert video to GIF.Then, since videos are often longer than live or burst photos, the shortcut converter may require some trimming of the lines.Note: Shortcuts may take some time to complete the process.Also, it won't work on iOS 15.4 as this may cause glitches.

1. In the Shortcuts app, go to Gallery.

2. Search for video to GIF → tap the + icon.

3. Next, go to My Shortcuts → Tap on the Video to GIF shortcut.

4. Select a video and use the slider to trim it.


5. Click Save.

6. Now, previewgifand select the Done or Share icon.

Note that selecting "Done" will not save the GIF to the device.If you want to save, tap the share icon → save image.

As mentioned above, shortcuts don't save GIFs by default.So you can add an action to a shortcut as follows: Tap the … icon in the upper right corner of the Video to GIF shortcut → scroll down and tap + → type save → select "Save to Album".

How to make a GIF from a video using a third-party app (GIPHY)

While you can use the Shortcut app to make GIFs from videos, it sometimes fails or lags.GIPHY is a handy third-party app with which you can instantly convert videos to GIFs.Also, the app is free and easy to use.In fact, it's one of the best GIF-making apps for iPhone or iPad.

To get started, install from the App StoreGIPHY , then follow these steps:

1. Open the GIPHY application → tap the "+" icon.

2. Select the camera icon, select a video from your album, and use the slider to trim the video.

3. Click Continue and click the purple arrow icon in the lower right.


4. Next, select Share GIF.

5. Select Save GIF.Now you will see the new GIF in the Photos app and share it via any social app.


With the above steps, you can make GIFs on your iPhone and iPad in no time, and while there are many ready-made GIFs, creating your own can go a long way to help express yourself better.Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to create your first GIF artwork.


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