How to capture screenshots using Excel

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Sometimes you may need to Excel Add screenshots to your spreadsheet.This may be a snapshot of a specific range of data,Excel , or a screenshot from another application you wish to insert into your spreadsheet.

Tools and options in Excel make it easy to take screenshots.That's how to capture screenshots of spreadsheets and external applications using the Excel desktop application.


How to take a screenshot of a spreadsheet using Excel's camera tool

Excel has a built-in camera tool that you can use to capture a screenshot of any selected area in your spreadsheet.With this tool, you can capture data ranges, charts, and tables from a worksheet and then add the screenshots to different areas of the spreadsheet.

In Excel, the camera tool is not enabled by default.It's an optional tool that you can add by customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel.You can enable Excel's camera tool and use it to take screenshots, as follows:

1. Click the Excel File tab.

2. Select Options to view the Excel settings window.


3. Click the Quick Access Toolbar tab in the Excel Options window.

4. Select "All Commands" in the drop-down menu.

5. Then select "Camera" and click "Add".


6. Click OK to exit Excel Options.You should now see the Camera tool option on Excel's Quick Access Toolbar.

7. Open the spreadsheet and take a screenshot in Excel.

8. To take a screenshot, hold down the left mouse button and drag over the data range or chart in the spreadsheet.


9. Next, tap on Camera options.


10. Go to the area of ​​the spreadsheet where you want to insert the screen clipping.

11. Hold down the left mouse button and drag a rectangular area as a screen clip.Release the mouse button to insert a data range or chart screenshot.


The inserted screenshot is an image that can be rotated and resized with the mouse.You can also choose various editing options on the Picture Format tab.

For example, move your cursor over Picture Effects to select effect options from the Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Soft Edge, and Bevel submenu.Or select an option in the Picture Style box to apply a style.


How to capture a spreadsheet screenshot using Excel's "Copy as Picture" option

Using Excel's "Copy as Picture" option, you can take a screenshot of a selected spreadsheet area.This option allows you to copy a selected worksheet area as a bitmap image.

You can then paste the copied bitmap image into another part of the spreadsheet.This is how to take a screenshot of a spreadsheet using the "Copy as Image" option:

1. Open a spreadsheet containing a data range, table, or chart in Excel.

2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the rectangle around the spreadsheet area to capture a snapshot.

3. Click Copy on the Main tab.

4. Select Copy as picture to capture a snapshot.


5. Next, select the Bitmap radio button.


6. Click "OK" to close the "Copy Picture" window.

7. Then, scroll to the area where you want to insert the picture into the Excel spreadsheet and press Ctrl + V.


This pasting method will insert a captured picture of the spreadsheet area, essentially the same way as using the camera tool.You can select all the same options for screenshots from Excel's Picture Format tab.Drag and drop the image to the appropriate location on the worksheet and resize it with your cursor.

How to Capture External Screenshots Using Excel’s Screenshot Tool

If you need to capture a snapshot of software other than Excel, you can use a screenshot tool.Use the screenshot tool to take a screenshot from the desktop area or software window.You can take an external screenshot using the tool like this:

1. Open the software window you want to take a screenshot of.

2. Then bring up Excel and open the spreadsheet file to which you want to add screenshots.

3. Click the Insert tab.

4. Press the Screenshot button.

5. Then click on the screen cut option.


6. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to create a rectangle around the area you want to capture.


7. Release the left button to take a screenshot.The captured external screenshot will be displayed in an Excel spreadsheet, which you can move and resize as needed.


You can also take a screenshot of a full-screen window instead of clipping.To do this, click on one of the available window thumbnails in the Excel Snipping Tool.This action will take a full-screen snapshot of the selected window.

Easily capture all necessary spreadsheet screenshots with Excel

Although it is possible to capture screenshots of spreadsheets using third-party screen capture tools, it is faster and more convenient to capture the required screenshots in Excel.

Use Excel's Camera, Screenshot, and Copy as Picture options to take a snapshot directly of your spreadsheet or external software package.These screenshot options are useful for capturing screen information from an Excel spreadsheet or other application.

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