How to print to or save as PDF on Mac

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great file format originally created by Adobe to allow users to easily share complete documents.Since it is a universal file format, you can save text or image content as PDF in macOS and share these files with people on different platforms.

Here, we'll teach you how to save content to PDF, and when you typically need to do so.


When to print to PDF or save to PDF

If you want to export a document and send it to others, then saving it as PDF on Mac is a suitable option.This way the other person can tag or view on another Mac or other device.For example, you can save a document as a PDF and send it to someone else, so if the document requires a signature, they can easily add a signature using the preview feature in macOS.

You can also choose to password-protect the document in preview, ensuring that no one but you and the recipients can view the document content.

How to print to or save as PDF in macOS

Saving content to PDF on Mac is a quick and easy process.You can do this in any application that allows printing.Print or save as PDF on Mac:

1. Open a supported application and hit Cmd + P on your keyboard or File > Print from the menu bar.

2. Click PDF at the bottom of the print page.

3. Now, rename the PDF file if necessary, select the desired location and click on Save.


The new PDF file will then be saved to the folder of your choice.If you're wondering how to print a PDF on Mac to get a physical copy, you can click "Print" on the app's print screen.

Once you have saved several PDF files, you can also merge PDF files in macOS, so you can combine all PDF files into one file for convenience.

Easily save content as PDF to your Mac

That's all there is to saving text, images, or web content to PDF on Mac.Now that you know how to save, you can keep the PDF for your records or easily send the PDF to someone on a Mac or other device.

All in all, this is an excellent file format for sharing for documents that don't require extensive editing or just need to be signed.

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