5 websites to resize animated GIFs

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GIFs are everywhere on the internet.These animated images are fun, relevant and often used as memos and are a great way to convey our emotions.Because sometimes, words cannot express.Occasionally, we find a GIF that's perfect for our needs, but it's not the right size.At this time, GIF resizer comes to our rescue.


GIF Resizer can resize GIF without affecting the quality of GIF.Let’s take a look at a few websites that provide GIF resizing tools to get your animated images to the perfect size.

1. ILoveIMG


ILoveIMG is a free online image resizer that can resize JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF.You can upload one or more images from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox, or drag and drop them onto the website.

When resizing a GIF, you can adjust it by pixels or percentages.If resizing in pixels, the height and width can be entered as desired.If you select Percent, you have only three options: 25%, 50%, and 75%.

You can download the GIF after resizing it, or you can watermark, crop, or compress it before clicking download.If you want to resize multiple GIFs at the same time, ILoveIMG is your best choice.It's also the only GIF adjuster on this list that can do this.

2. Gifgit


If you're looking for a simple GIF resizer, Gifgit lets you change the width and height of your GIF, or scale it proportionally.By default, changing the height of a GIF affects the width and vice versa, but you can deselect Proportions to disable this feature.

Gifgit also lets you edit and crop GIFs, and add special effects and text to them.If you get stuck, you can check out the instructions below for guidance.

3. ezgif


Ezgif is an online tool designed to create and edit GIFs.Unlike other sites on this list, it allows you to upload GIFs by pasting the URL, which is very convenient when you don't want to or can't download a GIF.

With Ezgif, you can enter your desired height, width, or percentage, and choose from three resizing methods, depending on whether you want to prioritize file size or quality.There is also a section that provides options to fix the aspect ratio.

Ezgif also supports other image formats, including WebP, PNG, JPG, and APNG.You can also use it to convert photos to GIFs and videos to GIFs, all for free.

4. Red Ketchup


As an image editor, RedKetchup lets you resize images and GIFs for free.Just drag and drop or browse and select an image to start working.

You can resize a GIF by changing the height and width or scaling percentage.The latter allows you to reduce the percentage of a GIF by 25%, 50% and 75%, or enlarge it by two, three or four times.

RedKetchup also provides tools to crop GIFs or create your own.If you are looking for a batch image converter, this website also provides this feature.

5. onlineconvertfree


Onlineconvertfree is a file converter that also resizes images.Upload a GIF and resize it by changing the height and width.You can also crop GIFs by height and width, flip, rotate and compress them.

If you choose to compress a GIF, there are seven options, ranging from highest to lowest, depending on whether you want to preserve its quality or save space.Once finished, click "Save and Download" and your GIF will be saved to your device.

Express yourself with GIFs

In this age of social media and internet culture, GIFs are a popular form of expression that add levity and humor to every occasion.So it's natural to use them when we try to express ourselves online.

If you find that your GIF is too large or too small, you can resize it to suit your needs.Using the sites we've listed in this article, you can instantly resize your GIF to fit any platform, from your Instagram feed to your website or blog.

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