How to export emails to PDF files on Mac

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Apple Mail is usually the best choice on Mac.Not only can you access your mail from any mail service, like Gmail or Yahoo, but you can also use a host of tools to make your life easier.

One such tool is the ability to save emails as PDF files.Although very simple to operate, this feature has been a lifesaver for many users.Here we'll show you how to use it.


How to export emails to PDF files on Mac

Exporting your most important emails to PDF files on Mac is much easier than you think.Whether you want to view your emails offline or just save important reminders, this is how to save any email as a PDF file on your Mac.

1. Open the Mail application and tap the email you want to save as a PDF file.

2. Go to the menu bar and select "File".

3. Scroll down and select Export to PDF.


4. In the new window that pops up, name the PDF file.By default, you will see theme as the file name.

5. Click the drop-down menu next to "Location" to select a location to save the email.You can also click the down arrow to get a better view of all files.

6. You can also select "Show details" to customize how emails are saved.For example, you can change the paper size and orientation.

7. When finished, click Save in the lower right corner.


To confirm that your Mac has indeed saved your email, you can open the Mac's Finder and search for it.Keep in mind that when you export an email, you still have access to all links, images, and other non-text elements in the original email.


Instead of repeating the same steps for all the emails you want to save as PDF files, you can save multiple emails at once, which you can't do when you use the Mail app on your iPhone to save emails as PDF files.You just need to hold down the Command key and click on the email you want to export.Then, go to File > Export to PDF > Save.

When to export emails to PDF files on Mac

Exporting emails to PDF files is a very useful mail feature on Mac.If you use a Mac at work, you can save important emails and keep them organized in one place.Not only that, if you accidentally delete an important email, it will still be on your computer.

If you're a student, you can use this feature to export emails with school notes or to make sure you don't forget an important deadline.

Exporting emails on Mac is easier than you think

As you have noticed, the Mail app offers a very simple but effective way to keep your most important messages on your computer, which is very useful if you plan to work without a stable internet connection .

Of course, you can do this on an iPhone or iPad, but a Mac lets you export your messages to your desktop in a flash.Best of all, you can convert the PDF file into a Word or Pages document, or print it out, if needed.

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