How to fix PS4 controller disconnecting on Windows

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If you have a PlayStation 4 controller, you can use a controller called DS4Windows application to connect it to your computer and use it to play PC games.But sometimes you encounter the problem that the controller disconnects frequently.

If you want to get rid of this annoying problem, we will tell you how to solve it.


1. Check controller hardware problems

Before you start troubleshooting any problem on your Windows computer, you must make sure the controller is working properly.The easiest way is to connect it to your PS4 and see if it works.If you don't have a PS4 but have access to another computer, try using a DS4 on your computer to see if it works without losing the connection.

If the issue is with the controller, consider contacting Sony or taking it to a hardware professional to see if they can fix it.If none of them help, you may have to replace the controller.But if the controller works fine after testing it on other devices, then the problem may be with your Windows computer.

2. Check port issues


If you're using a wired controller (for example, when using it with a remote gaming app), there may be a problem with the port you're connecting to.To rule this out, you can try plugging your gamepad into another port and see if you can play without losing the connection.If it doesn't disconnect, you may need to have a hardware professional check out the problematic port.

3. Troubleshoot controller scope issues

If you pass DS4Windows To use the controller wirelessly with the app, make sure you are within Bluetooth range.We recommend staying within 10 feet of the computer.If the controller keeps disconnecting, try moving closer, if it still disconnects when you get too close, it's probably not a range issue.

4. Troubleshoot operating system problems

When troubleshooting on a Windows system, we recommend that you first try restarting your Windows computer.This will ensure that temporary software issues disconnecting your PS4 are resolved.Next, try manually updating your Windows computer to the latest version in case your computer is experiencing issues that cannot be resolved with a simple restart.


If that doesn't work, there may be a Bluetooth issue causing the PS4 controller to disconnect frequently.To find out the source of the problem, we recommend running the Bluetooth troubleshooter to find out where the problem is.

5. Hard reset the controller

It's also possible that your controller has a temporary glitch that you can fix with a hard reset.To do this, take a pointed, thin object, such as a straightened paper clip or toothpick, and insert it into the small hole on the back of your DS4 controller (located under the left trigger button).Press it until the reset button is pressed, hold it for about five seconds, and then release it.


This will reset the controller.Now, check if the controller still gets disconnected when using it on your PC.

6. Update controller driver

When there is a driver issue with the PS4 controller, it can cause the DS4 to disconnect.You can learn byHow to find and replace outdated drivers on Windowsto solve this problem.If you don't know which driver to update, open Device Manager, expand the Bluetooth section, and then find Wireless Controller Driver.


After updating the driver, check if you can use the controller without disconnection.

7. Make sure DS4Windows is installed correctly

Many Windows users use DS4Windows The application connects the controller to the computer.But if it malfunctions, you should try updating it to see if that fixes the problem.To do this, go to the folder where DS4Windows is installed and double-click the DS4Updater.exe file.


Once launched, follow the instructions to update DS4Windows.If the controller is still disconnected after updating, try downloading DS4Windows again and running a new installation.Hope this solves the problem completely.

Use your PlayStation 4 controller without any hassle on Windows

When your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting on Windows, it can ruin your gaming experience.To solve this problem, you need to troubleshoot both software and hardware.Once the trouble is resolved, you can enjoy using DS4 on your computer.

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