The 11 Best Interactive Widgets for iPhone and iPad

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Widgets have long been part of the iPhone and iPad experience.On the home screen, you can quickly view important information about the selected app.Tap the widget to open the app.

But starting with iOS and iPadOS 17, widgets get even better.Widgets are no longer just static information, you can also interact with widgets for a better experience.


Here are the best interactive widgets for your iPhone or iPad.

1. Widgetitive


Interactive widgets are a big improvement over the previous static options.Use interactive widgets quickly and easily.If you are interested in the functionality of interactive widgets, try Widgetitive. Widgetive does not provide information about a specific application, but creates a perfect widget for your home screen.There are categories such as timers, calculators and even games for you to choose from.You can customize every part of your interactive widget, including fonts, backgrounds, and more.

Widgetive is available as a free download on iPhone and iPad.Optional subscription unlocks all of the app’s widgets and other custom features.

Download: Widgetitive (Free, subscription available)



Make workout tracking a breeze with Liftin'.Designed specifically for weightlifting, this powerful app lets you create a workout plan that's perfect for you.Interactive widgets let you track your upcoming workouts and view relevant information while you're working out.Just press the widget lightly to start your workout.You can even pause without opening the app.

Liftin is free for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.The free version is limited to five workouts per month.An optional subscription removes this limitation and allows for unlimited workouts.

Download: Liftin' (Free, subscription available)

3. CardPointers


by CardPointers Make the most of your credit card.You may have a credit card that earns cash back, miles, and other benefits.No matter what you're buying, this app can help you redeem the best deals.The interactive widget lets you redeem offers, view credit card details for different spending categories, and see the best credit cards to use at nearby stores.

You can download CardPointers for free.It works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.To unlock all features of the app, an optional subscription is required.

Download: CardPointers (Free, subscription available)

4. Study With Subwords


Study With Subwords makes learning fun.You can start by creating a study list, such as a list of states and capitals.The app splits the word into chunks and then you piece them back together.There are multiple study modes, split types and study plans.The app's interactive widget is a small puzzle that you can solve directly within the widget.You can see new puzzles throughout the day and jump to the next puzzle at any time.

The app is free for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.Optional subscription will unlock all features.

Download: Study With Subwords (Free, subscription available)

5. app block


app block is one of the best ways to help you stay away from your iPhone while working.Even the most conscientious people sometimes get distracted by the latest social media craze or something else that reduces their productivity or diverts attention from more important things. AppBlock makes it easy to restrict access to distracting apps.Interactive widgets let you quickly block apps with just one tap and get to work.

AppBlock is free for iPhone and iPad, but you'll need to opt into a subscription to unlock all of the app's features.

Download: app block (Free, subscription available)

6. calzy


使用 calzy, turn your home screen into a computing paradise.The app's interactive widgets let you calculate almost anything without even opening the app.For widgets, you can choose from three keyboard types and three themes.There's a lot more you can do with the program itself, and one of the best features is the memory area, where you can save and reuse values.

Calzy is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Download: calzy (US$4.99)

7. Tide Guide


If you live near the ocean, Tide Guide is the perfect app.It provides tide and ocean weather information for any location around the world.Additionally, it offers a ton of different widgets that allow you to check weather conditions on your home screen.There are two interactive options.The first shows a real-time tide clock.You can click on the center point to switch between different conditions.The other shows real-time weather data, and you can click on the icon to change weather conditions.

The app is free for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.With the free version, you can see what's happening at a location in real time.To unlock all widgets, detailed charts, future tables, and more, you need to subscribe.

Download: TideGuide (Free, subscription available)



Improve your productivity with Things.This task manager is beautifully designed and has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which can help you better organize all your to-do items.Interactive widgets let you view a specific list of tasks and check them off without opening the app.

The iPhone version also unlocks the Things Apple Watch app. Things is also available for iPad and Mac.

Download: Things (US$9.99)



Sometimes it's hard to remember to stay connected with friends and family.But Amato wants to help you improve those relationships.The app is easy to use, you can add a significant other and receive interactive reminders.You can even see reminders of someone's birthday or anniversary.Using the app's interactive widgets, you can select specific contacts to display on your home screen and get in touch with them with just one tap.

The iPhone and iPad apps are free to download, but a paid subscription is required to use features such as interactive widgets, unlimited adding of contacts, importing contacts, and more.

Download: beloved (Free, subscription available)

10. Time's Up!


Time's Up!is a timer app with a difference.It provides a unique visual timer for kids and kids.There are five styles to choose from, such as Puzzle, which splits a selected photo into puzzle pieces and then puts them back together over time.Additionally, there are more traditional options.The app's interactive widget lets you pause, resume, and reset the timer without opening the app.

The app is free and available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV.The free version offers four free scheduled runs.To unlock the unlimited timer, you need to make a single purchase within the app.

Download: Time's Up! (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Signals for HomeKit


Make your HomeKit lights more useful with Signals.This app helps you turn your smart lights into communication devices.You can easily create a signal by combining compatible light fixtures in your home.For example, if you want to tell everyone it's dinner time, you can make all the lights flash blue for three seconds.You can also use other HomeKit devices, such as motion detectors and buttons, to trigger signals.With interactive widgets, signals can be triggered with just the press of a button.

The app is free and available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.To unlock access to all widgets, the in-app purchase of Signals Plus is required.

Download: Signals for HomeKit (Free, in-app purchases available)

A better way to use iPhone and iPad widgets

With these interactive widgets, you can better interact with your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad's home screen.Whether it's turning on a light or starting a timer, it's all just a tap away.

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