How to delete any item on Mac menu bar

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After using your Mac for a while, you're bound to see a variety of native and third-party status icons appear on your menu bar.Some of these icons are useful.Others are not so useful.

Most Mac users probably want to get rid of icons that are not commonly used.So, let us teach you how to remove unnecessary icons from your Mac’s menu bar to reduce clutter.


Remove icons directly from macOS menu bar

The quickest way to remove native status icons from your Mac menu bar is to use the following keyboard and mouse combination.However, this method doesn't work with your Mac's custom Control Center, Siri, or clock icons.It also doesn't work with any items in third-party applications.

1. Hold down the Command key.

2. Click and hold the menu bar icon you want to remove, and then drag it away from the menu bar.

3. Release the mouse when you see the X symbol.


You can also rearrange any status icon on the menu bar while holding down the Command key.

Remove icons from menu bar through system settings

Another way to remove native status icons (including Siri and the clock) from the Mac menu bar requires you to dig into macOS's System Settings app.

1. Click the Apple logo in the menu bar and select System Settings.

2. Select Control Center on the sidebar.

3. Select the "Don't show in menu bar" drop-down menu option, or deselect "&Show in menu bar" next to the item to remove it from your Mac's menu bar.


Note that to manage native status icons in macOS Monterey and earlier, go to Apple Menu > System Preferences, then go to the Dock & Menu Bar category.

Remove third-party icons from macOS menu bar

If you want to remove third-party status icons, you can try exiting from the menu bar.Just select the item and look for the "Exit" option.You may need to hold down the Option or Control key when clicking to display this option.


If the icon automatically reappears, you can also check the relevant application's Settings (or Preferences) to see if there is an option to permanently disable the icon.

Keep your Mac menu bar tidy

Organizing the menu bar on your Mac can help reduce distractions and highlight important status icons.Thankfully, the process of deleting menu bar items in macOS is very simple.Whether it's Bluetooth or third-party icons taking up space, you can now remove them and make the macOS menu bar look the way you like.

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