How to change the default PDF reader on Windows

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If you're used to working digitally, you probably use a PDF reader.

On Windows systems, Edge is the default preferred PDF reader.While browsers are just as useful as dedicated PDF readers, it's important to understand what a PDF reader can do.


How to change the default PDF reader on Windows

In most cases, when you install a new PDF reader application, you can set it as the default PDF reader directly from the main menu.But if you missed it in your rush, there’s no need to rush.

You can also easily change the default PDF reader on Windows later.Here are a few ways to get started:

1. Use the Open with context menu

This is the most straightforward option if you forgot to set your new PDF reader as default during installation.Here's how to change the default PDF reader via the context menu:

1. Right-click the PDF file.

2. Move your mouse over the "Open with" option and select the newly installed driver.

3. If the reader is not there, click Select another application and select a new application from the dialog box.


Your PDF file will be launched and the selected application will be saved as the default PDF tool.

2. From the Settings app

The Settings app is a handy tool that can help you with various things over and over again.Here, it can also help you set the default PDF reader.

To change the Settings app using PDF Reader, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type "settings" and select the best match.

2. Click "Applications" and select "Default Application".

3. Now scroll down, select the PDF file type, and select the current default application.

4. Finally, click on the new PDF reader application.

That's it, your default PDF reader will change forever as soon as you select a new app from above.

3. Using the Control Panel

Control Panels have many uses and many people use them for many things.So it's like a Swiss Army Knife that does a lot of valuable things at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, you can use it here too, adjusting your default PDF reader using the Control Panel.Here's how to get started:

1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type "Control Panel," and then select the best match.

2. In Control Panel, select Programs > Default Programs.

3. Now click on "Set Default Programs".

4. Select your favorite PDF reader, and then select the "Set this program as default" option to make the selected application your default PDF reader.


If you follow the above steps, the selected application will become the default application for all similar file types.

4. Use the default program in your PDF reader

Some PDF readers allow you to change the default PDF reader from within.So, depending on which third-party PDF reading app you're using or plan to use, you can just launch the PDF reader and you'll get a notification box that lets you make the changes you want.


Just do this and your default reading app will be completely transformed.

Change the default PDF reader on Windows computers

After all, the Edge browser can fully meet the simple reading needs of a PDF reader.However, at a certain point, you may want more advanced features that other readers offer, and changing them is not a complicated process.

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