How to recover lost drafts on TikTok

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TikTok The Drafts folder is a tool you can use when you're not ready to upload your video.It allows you to go back to your draft and continue recording, editing or adjusting your video.

However, losing a draft is much easier than you think, especially because TikTok Drafts will not be saved to your account.If you're having trouble finding a draft you created, here are a few places you can retrieve your TikTok drafts.


1. Search TikTok Drafts on All Devices

If you use TikTok on multiple devices, the first step to finding a missing TikTok draft is to check your other devices.The Drafts folder is a very useful tool for storing content to be scheduled for posting on TikTok later.However, it is not uncommon for drafts to get lost.

TikTok drafts are saved locally.This means the draft is saved on the device you created it on.So, if you are making a TikTok video and save it to Drafts on iPad, the draft will not appear in the Drafts folder of the TikTok app on iPhone.

Even if you're signed in to the same account on both devices, drafts will only be saved to the original device on which they were created.The Drafts folder can be found on your TikTok profile page.Drafts will appear in the first video slot, showing how many drafts you have in your folder at any time.

2. Search camera roll

Although TikTok does not allow you to save drafts to your camera roll, you can upload videos from your camera roll for use in TikTok videos.If you've lost your TikTok draft but can find the original video in your camera roll, this might help you recreate the content you once lost.

If you're having trouble finding videos uploaded to TikTok, don't forget to check the Recently Deleted folder in your iPhone Photos app or Android Gallery.

If you have iCloud, you can check there as well, as deleted items may not have been deleted from iCloud yet.To check, please visit iCloud official website.

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover deleted drafts other than to recreate the draft and find the original video.If you don't see the missing draft on your TikTok page, you should turn your attention to finding the missing video instead of finding the missing draft.

What not to do when trying to retrieve a draft


A common way to resolve technical issues is to reset your device, or uninstall and reinstall it.But it’s important to note that this fix doesn’t work on TikTok.

Please be careful not to delete TikTok.Doing so will cause you to lose any other drafts saved on that device.

Prevent drafts from being lost

You put a lot of effort into the content you post on TikTok, so losing it can be frustrating.To prevent this from happening in the future, it's important to save all drafts to your camera roll.

Anything in your Camera Roll will be backed up to iCloud, if available.This way, even if you delete TikTok or lose your device, your videos will remain in the cloud.While you can't edit them, at least you can post some content, or re-create examples of content.

Can TikTok drafts be restored via data request?

When searching for lost drafts, you can also skip asking TikTok to download your account data.In TikTok's settings, there is an option to request all the data TikTok stores about your account.Some people believe that this data request will allow you to retrieve lost drafts.However, while testing, no drafts appeared in the file request, regardless of whether they had been previously deleted.

There was a video folder in the data request, but after reviewing each link, it was discovered that the file request only provided data for published TikTok videos.




After all, draft videos are stored locally on the device, and TikTok doesn’t have the files on its servers.

Can a lost TikTok draft be recovered?

If you simply misplaced your draft or manually saved a copy, you can retrieve your draft.But if you lost your drafts by uninstalling the app, thereby deleting the local files, you won't be able to recover the videos.Since drafts are only saved locally on your device, the only way to restore them is to find the device where you created them.

Unfortunately, drafts that are not in the Drafts folder on any device cannot be recovered and are permanently lost.This is because TikTok saves drafts to local storage instead of the cloud storage format we've been used to for years.

Hopefully in the future we will be able to save drafts to an account and access them on multiple devices.

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