5 Browser Extensions to Improve Google Search Results Pages

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Google is the world's leading search engine, and no one can question its ability to find the right results.But it can do better.From removing sponsored links and unwanted websites to adding AI-generated replies to search results, these Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons dramatically improve Google search results pages.



Although Google's search technology is good, the search results page is filled with a large number of sponsored ads. If your favorite website does not exactly match your keywords, it will often be ranked lower. SearchX is a multi-purpose tool that solves several major problems with Google search results.Its features include:

Remove "Sponsored Links" ads at the top of search results pages.It’s a good idea to do this because, as is well documented, these ads are often phishing scams and clicking on a Google search result could result in losing all your passwords.

Hover over the link to see a preview pane of the search results page itself.This saves you clicks by not having to open links in new tabs or switching back and forth to find the perfect result.

Add your favorite sites to Favorites to rank higher in search results.Just write down the website name and you can rank their links higher in the search results pages.

Improve search relevancy with the Find feature.Any results that match 50% or more of your search query will have a green "√" mark next to the link.

Download: SearchX for Chrome (free)

2. uBlacklist (Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Hide unwanted websites from search results

Google remembers sites you've visited in the past and ranks them higher in future searches.uBlacklist is a clever extension that prevents certain websites from appearing in Google search results.

You can add a simple list of sites on the extension's options page, and you can also import or export the list.There is a specific format for adding a website, but it's very simple.Another method is to search on Google and you will see an option to "Block this site" next to every search result.Click this button to remove the site from future search results.

Search results will show you how many websites are blocked or hidden, and you can choose to show them.Except Google,uBlacklist Bing, Brave, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant, Searx, Startpage.com, Yahoo! JAPAN and Yandex are also supported.

Download: uBlacklist for Chrome | Firefox | Safari (free)

3. Suggesty (Chrome): Get ChatGPT results alongside Google search results


Everyone knows how powerful ChatGPT is and you can do a lot of cool things with it.However, ChatGPT does not search the Internet when you query.Suggesty Combine the search power of Google with the intelligent AI of GPT-3 to deliver AI-generated responses to every search query you make.

When sending a query to GPT-3,Suggesty Your identity will not be revealed, keeping your request anonymous.Search results appear at the top of the search results page, and you usually have to wait a few seconds after the search results appear for Suggesty's responses to appear.

This extension is great for translating sentences or paragraphs into different languages, finding recipes and instructions, or grammar correction.It's important to note that you can only get one result, and you can't query the result further like you normally would with ChatGPT.

Download: Suggesty for Chrome (free)

4. Search Everywhere With Google Bard (Chrome): AI responses to search results


Google’s ChatGPT AI competitor is called Bard, and Google is quick to say it’s not a search engine.But knowing that people want to use both search results and AI results, the company has also launched an official extension for this purpose.Once you install Search Everywhere With Google Bard, your search queries will search for the same content in Google Bard and the results will be displayed at the same time.

In the search results page, you'll find a chat box with Google Bard next to the list of links.This dialog box is located above the usual Knowledge Graph preview, which is displayed in many search results.The first time you use Google Bard, you need to log in to Google Bard with your Google account.

Surprisingly, searching anywhere using Google Bad also gives you access to ChatGPT.As long as you are logged in to your ChatGPT account, you can switch between Bard and ChatGPT with a simple click.It also has a night mode if you want to make the dialog more eye-catching.

Download: Search Everywhere With Google Bard for Chrome (free)

5. Web Search Navigator (Chrome, Firefox, Edge): Keyboard shortcuts for search results

Power users know that you can get things done a lot faster if you know the keyboard shortcuts instead of using your mouse or trackpad every time.Web Search Navigator adds keyboard shortcuts to Google search results pages so you can browse links using just your keyboard.

You can scroll up and down between links, open links in background or foreground tabs, navigate to other sections like maps or images, go to the next or previous page, and filter results by time or relevance.You can also navigate between Google search results cards like trending stories or embedded tweets.

A full list of default keyboard shortcuts is available on the main website.Among the extended options, you can also customize any keyboard shortcut.In addition to Google, Web Search Navigator also works with several other websites such as YouTube and Amazon.

Download: Web Search Navigator for Chrome | Firefox | Edge (free)

Have you tried Google's experimental artificial intelligence search engine?

While these extensions give you a glimpse into what's possible with AI search results, Google is also launching an app called "Search generation experience"(SGE)'s experimental AI search engine. Anyone can join this experiment for free, and it will enhance your search results with AI responses, suggested follow-up questions, and snippets of key information."

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