6 Best Artificial Intelligence Mac Apps to Save Time and Increase Productivity

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When time is limited, equipping yourself with the right tools allows you to get more done.Although your Mac has built-in features and apps to help you be more productive, you may still need some extra tools to get the job done.


Fortunately, there are several macOS apps that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline your workflow and automate menial tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters.Below, we'll introduce the best artificial intelligence Mac apps to increase your productivity.

1. krisp: Eliminate background noise during meetings


Background noise is one of the most common distractions that can derail a meeting.As online meetings become more common in the modern workplace, it’s crucial to find ways to eliminate background noise, such as the hum of an air conditioner, coworkers chatting, or a dog barking.

krisp It’s a must-have tool for online meetings because it uses artificial intelligence to eliminate background noise and improve audio quality in real time.krisp Easy to use; you just sign up for an account and download the app to your Mac.Then, launch the application from your Mac's menu bar.

Krisp works with most communication or video conferencing applications on Mac, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, and more.Open your favorite online meeting application, go into the audio settings, and select Krisp as the microphone and speakers.Now you can enjoy virtual meetings without background noise.Note that Krisp can also transcribe your meetings in real time.

Download: krisp (Free, subscription available)

2. GrammarlyGO: AI-assisted tools for writing and editing


GrammarlyGO is an AI-powered Mac app that acts as your personal writing and editing assistant.You can use this tool to check for punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Grammarly can also help you ensure that your sentences use active voice, improving the overall readability of your article.

In addition to editing capabilities, GrammarlyGO can generate AI content based on your requirements.You can enter your own prompts or use the suggested prompts.For example, you can use GrammarlyGO to shorten, expand or improve your text.You can also use it to set the right tone for your text to suit a specific audience; for example, you can create a formal email for a customer or a friendly post for Facebook.

Using Grammarly is easy.All you need to do is sign up for an account and download the Safari extension and Mac app.Now you can use GrammarlyGO, just highlight the text and click on the GrammarlyGO icon (represented by a light bulb) to access its features.

Download: GrammarlyGO (Free, subscription available)

3. AI concept: Your all-in-one productivity tool


How many productivity apps are installed on your Mac?Chances are, you have dedicated apps for notes, tasks, calendars, etc.While these tools undoubtedly help you get the job done, switching between them can be cumbersome.At this time, like AI concept That’s where an all-in-one productivity workspace like this comes in handy.

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps you organize your tasks, record all the web pages you visit, save meeting notes, and more without having to switch to different applications.Not only that, Notion uses artificial intelligence to streamline your workflow.

For example, you can use AI concept Summarize, expand, translate or simplify notes.You can also use it to find action items from meeting notes or present key points in table format.Notion is free to use on Mac, but you can upgrade to a paid version for more features.

Download: AI concept (Free, subscription available)

4. canary mail: Your artificial intelligence email assistant


A list of AI-powered Mac apps that can help you save time and increase productivity wouldn't be complete without mentioning Email Assistant.This is because email remains one of the most commonly used methods of communication, either personally or professionally.Besides, no one likes writing emails or spending time in their inbox!So if the built-in mail app isn't great, consider switching to canary mail.

canary mail is an AI-powered email assistant that helps you streamline your email workflow and save time.This tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize your emails.You can also use Canary Mail to compose an email by providing some details of what you want to say.

If you're constantly struggling to cope with the volume of mail you receive, Canary Mail can lighten your mail load by helping you sort and prioritize your messages.Plus, it makes it easier to unsubscribe from pesky email newsletters.Finally, you can add all your email accounts to Canary Mail to create a unified inbox and avoid switching between different email clients.

Download: canary mail (Free, subscription available)

5. Craft: Your artificial intelligence document editor


If you're looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use macOS app to help you create documents using AI, then Craft You will never be disappointed.Craft It is a beautifully designed, artificial intelligence-driven Mac document editor that can enhance your note-taking experience and simplify the process of creating documents.

Craft provides a wealth of formatting tools that allow you to easily create a variety of documents, including blog posts, project proposals, meeting notes, gratitude journals, and more.Additionally, Craft provides multiple templates to make it easier for you to start creating documents using pre-designed layouts.

Additionally, you can use Craft’s artificial intelligence assistant to save time creating documents.For example, Craft AI can summarize, translate, suggest titles, create outlines, continue writing, and more.You can use its functionality simply by pressing the slash (/) command in your document.

Download: Craft (Free, subscription available)

6. Rewind: Capture everything on your Mac

Do you often have trouble remembering websites you've visited or information you've read?Let's say you visited X (formerly Twitter) on your Mac the other day and saw an interesting quote or an interesting post.Unfortunately, you only remembered one word or phrase from the post.you can use Rewind to search this post.

Rewind is an AI-powered app that captures everything you see on your Mac.Once you download and install Rewind on your Mac, it will run in the background, automatically record your screen, and store the recording locally on your Mac.You can access Rewind from the menu bar, click on its icon, and go back in time to find the information you need.

Download: Rewind (Free, subscription available)

Power up your Mac with AI tools

Artificial Intelligence is not a fad, it is a powerful tool that can help you get more done in less time.Luckily, many Mac apps (like the ones listed above) use artificial intelligence to streamline your workflow.

So whether you're a freelancer, remote worker, student, or someone looking to get the most out of your Mac, these AI-powered apps can dramatically increase your productivity.

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