How to use Loop Components in Microsoft Teams to simplify collaboration

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Efficient collaboration tools are a priority.However, introducing more tools can sometimes lead to more confusion rather than less confusion.To address this challenge, many platforms are adding new in-app collaboration features.

Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Teams) has been widely used for internal communication, and now the Loop component has been introduced to further simplify collaborative work.Whether you're tracking tasks, taking polls, or co-writing content, Loop components have you covered.


Here's how to use Loop components in your Teams application to enhance collaboration.

what is Microsoft Teams Loop component on?


Loop component is a module in Microsoft Teams that enables collaborative work.You can edit these components with other users in the team chat where they are shared.

You can edit components online and view other users' edits in real time. Loop provides the following types of collaborative components:

1. Bullet List

2. List

3. Numbered list

4. Paragraph

5. Forms

6. Voting form

7. Task list

How to create a Loop component

Creating a Loop component is easy and you can create it directly in a Teams chat room.The specific method is as follows:


1. Go to the chat box with collaborators.If there is no existing chat box, create a group chat with the desired collaborators.

2. In the chat message box, select the loop component icon.A list of available components will pop up.

3. Select the required cycle component.The selected component is now inserted into the new message.

4. Enter the content.


5. Finally, click Send to send the message in the chat.Other chat members can now edit content inline.

You can also use @ to mention others in component content.This is great for task lists, where you can add assignees to tasks, or when you need to get input from certain people on your content.

How to edit the Loop component


As mentioned before, the Loop component can be easily edited inline.Just click on the information containing the component, place your cursor where you want to edit, and start typing.

Type / to insert elements such as dates, mentions, pictures, and even other Loop components.

Type // to add a comment.

How to share Loop components


Loop components created in a team chat are automatically shared with all group chat members.You can check the current access rights of a component and modify its permissions by accessing the sharing settings.


To share an existing Loop component in another chat, click Copy Link, go to the other chat box, and paste the copied link as a new message.You can also share copied links in other applications such as Outlook and Whiteboard.

How to manage Loop components


Loop components are stored as .loop files in OneDrive.You can access, search, edit, delete, and restore these files just like other OneDrive files.Therefore, if you move a folder in OneDrive, the Loop component may stop working, depending on the permissions of the new location.

In Teams, click the Loop component's hyperlinked title to navigate to its OneDrive location.

Align your team with Loop components

The Loop component on Microsoft Teams demonstrates how the simplest of tools can have a big impact on real-time collaboration.Why not try using Loop components to improve your team's work efficiency?

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