8 Retro iPhone Film Camera Apps Worth Using

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For many of us, the imperfections and imperfections that come with shooting on film have become a distant memory.While the fundamentals of shutter speed and aperture settings remain, the process of capturing and sharing images has changed dramatically.


So it makes sense that in order to recreate the experience of shooting on film, some retro camera apps have emerged.Below, let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone film camera apps.

1. Huji Cam


Huji Cam A faithful reproduction of a 1998 disposable camera, right down to the date stamped on the image.It's one of the best disposable camera apps, and using it is a great way to get film-style photos.

Film simulation is quite realistic, with light leaks, chromatic aberration and overall contrast reminiscent of a roll of cheap ISO 400 film.Note that the free version is just a camera, and only a camera.

To use Huji to process images, you need to capture images with Huji.You can't import your own images and process them, nor can you reprocess images you've already taken without paying a $1 in-app purchase.

You can adjust the date format so it reads correctly, or you can use the default settings to pretend it's 1998.It's up to you whether to enable or disable light leakage, set a timer, choose a lower-quality picture, or shoot with the front-facing camera.

Download: Huji Cam (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Wars Cam

If you are eager to recreate the entire shooting process of a disposable film camera, then Gudak is the best film camera app for you.Unlike other apps on this list, this one mimics the way cameras used to work by limiting what you can do with a strict set of rules.

Gudak shoots virtual film, each roll of film can be exposed 24 times.When you finish shooting a roll of film, you have to wait an hour before loading another roll and starting shooting again.To view the image, click the "Develop" button and wait three days.

The 3-day waiting period allows the app to reintroduce a long-lost element of surprise.By the time your photo is ready, you may not remember what you took.The developers have also done a lot of work to prevent you from cheating by changing your device's date and time.

The photos are nice, but it’s the experience that really shines. Gudak limits your viewing angle to a tiny viewfinder, eliminates focus and exposure controls, and returns photography to its most basic point-and-shoot style.

Download: Wars Cam ($0.99)



If Gudak and Huji Cam are the best apps for imitating disposable film cameras, then CALLA is the best app for imitating cheap 35mm SLR cameras.The app itself is stylized and a bit confusing due to its unconventional placement of buttons and its mix of Korean and English.

CALLA includes several different types of film, but you only get one for free.Images captured using the presets are quite good.The image is soft and reminiscent of cheap plastic lenses.The color is warm and has a certain graininess, but there is no light leakage.

Photo controls are fully functional, including touch focus and exposure.You can also manually control focus using the ring near the shutter button (very fun).In addition, the app also supports importing iPhone images into CALLA for processing.

You can unlock more skins through in-app purchases, or you can choose to watch ads (but this takes a while).

Download: CALLACAM (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. KD Pro Disposable Camera


Not only is KD Pro free, it also includes three completely independent film looks: Kudak, Kuji, and black and white presets.If you wish, you can also enable date stamps and light leaks.

The iPhone Film Camera app lets you choose when to develop, whether it's instant, one hour, or one day.While this is a nice idea, it's a bit pointless since most people are impatient and will always choose the instant option.You may prefer Gudak's method of forcing you to wait, especially if you have poor self-control.

Overall, the KD Pro does a great job of producing some highly stylized photos.You can mix film styles in a roll of photos simply by changing filters in the app settings.Unless you upgrade to the Premium version ($0.99), you can't reprocess any photos after taking them, nor can you import images from your camera roll.

Download: KD Pro Disposable Camera (Free, premium version available)

5.Hipstamatic X


Hipstamatic X is one of the best applications similar to Huji.It contains a variety of filters, presets, and camera settings that can make your photos look retro, as if they were from the 80s or 90s.

Although this iPhone film camera app is primarily aimed at beginners, professional photographers can also find a lot of satisfaction in it.For example, it has a new editing darkroom feature with the ability to adjust gear, light, color, and focus, and there's even a grain tool.

Be sure to also check out the Passport feature.It lets you record your photography history with gamified features like daily stamps, photo bursts, and more.All in all, we think this is one of the best camera apps on iOS.

Download: Hipstamatic X (Free, subscription available)



Haven't found the perfect app to make your photos look like film?Try Retro Camera+.Key features of the app include live camera filters, 40+ special effects, timer, flash mode, and selfie camera support.

The app is primarily aimed at Instagram users, and its array of filters can transform new photos into photos from decades ago.So if you're after a retro style to make your photos stand out on social media, Retro Camera+ is an app worth trying.

Retro Camera+ also lets you easily share photos directly to your favorite social media network.There are over 30 networks to choose from.

Download: Retro-Camera + (Free, premium version available)

7. Darkr


Darkr The retro camera mimics the experience of using an analog camera.When you want to take a close-up, you have to actually walk towards your subject, no zooming in is allowed!

Darkr offers three types of cameras: large format, medium format, and compact.All photos taken on this film camera app are in black and white, giving it a retro feel.

After you've finished shooting, you can head to the darkroom to develop your photos.If you're not sure what test strips are, or how to dodge and burn when developing photos, Darkr has tutorials to guide you through the process.

Download: Darkr (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. DazzCam


The last retro camera app is DazzCam.Like other apps, it's designed to recreate the analog film look of the '80s.

Dazz Cam restores the color, texture, and noise of your images, and features extensive light leak effects to make your photos look more realistic.

Some other features worth mentioning include: two image overlay, self-timer, fisheye lens, flash color and exposure adjustment.There's even a square photo frame, perfect for users who want to upload their creations to Instagram.

Download: DazzCam (Free, subscription available)

Is a vintage film camera app a toy or a tool?it's not important

These retro film camera apps can be described as toys, but there's nothing wrong with that.They offer not only filters and styles, but the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and approach photography from another perspective.

Give these iPhone film camera apps a try and see what you can create.

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