6 free, no-registration list-making tools for quick sharing and collaboration

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Unlike the coworkers you work with every day or the family and roommates you live with, sometimes you need to create and share lists quickly and easily.It’s even more helpful if you or your collaborators don’t need to download anything or register an account.In the best such apps, the person you share it with can also edit the list.Here are six free, fast online list-making tools.


1. Kwiklist (Web): The fastest way to create and share lists with anyone


As promised,Kwiklist The function is to make a list as quickly as possible and share it with others.You don’t need to register or install anything and it works perfectly on your computer or mobile screen.Just choose a nickname for yourself and start building your list.

You'll get the functionality you'd expect from a standard list-making tool, which is adding one project or task below another, and adding subtasks or subprojects under any project.Surprisingly, you can add multiple rows to any task or subtask, giving you more space than most other list tools.You can also drag and drop to change the order.Kwiklist There is also a space at the top of the list to add notes and a convenient "Print" button to get a formatted print version.

After you save and share your list, recipients can view and edit it in real time.You can also save your checklist as a template to use as a starting guide for future checklists. Kwiklist also has several public templates for you to use, such as beach day, morning workout, camping, and more.

2. Groceed (Web): Collaborative grocery shopping list without registration


For your family, roommates, or anyone else who lives with you, you'll want to use one of the best grocery shopping apps so you can save your favorites, add items as you go, and keep track of your existing inventory.But if you need to share your grocery shopping list with someone else, you don't want to force them to download the same app, or have to download their favorite app.in this case,Groceed is a better choice.

You can start a new grocery shopping list without signing up for an account.You can also instantly share it with others as a link or have them scan a QR code on your phone or laptop.This quick and easy way is perfect for when you’re planning a get-together with friends or traveling with others and trying to decide what to buy for a home-cooked meal.

The actual checklist is very simple.Just add items one after another and also edit them and add notes.If you choose to log in with a Google account, you can also save your list,Groceed It'll even remember items you've added previously and recommend them to you as you type.

3. Flask (Web): Shareable to-do lists with colored labels, due dates, and pinned tasks


Flask It has a long history and is one of the most registration-free online collaboration websites suitable for improving work efficiency.While you can technically create any type of list, it's best used for creating to-do lists that you can share with anyone and that they can add to or edit.

After you create a new listing, share the URL so others can access it.You can only add individual tasks to the list, not subtasks, which is disappointing.but,Flask There are also some other cool productivity features for to-do lists.You can add a due date to any task, you can pin the most important tasks to the top of the list by giving them a star, and you can add color-coded labels to any task (of course, you and your collaborators need to know these What do the colors mean).

Flask doesn't update in real time when your collaborators make any changes, so you may need to refresh a few times to get the latest changes.The app provides the option to register an account and save lists for later use.

4. Ready (Web): One-time, no-registration, collaborative list

If you're concerned that content from a shared collaboration list will be used against you in the future,Ready is a better choice.It doesn't have the option to save a list or register an account.After seven days, all listings are automatically deleted.This is a privacy measure, like many other self-destructing apps.

The list maker is simple and standard.It only allows you and your collaborators to add a series of items to a list and no other functionality.Items can be checked off, automatically crossing them out but still remaining visible.If an item is deleted, it will not be visible in the main list, but you can see it in the "Deleted Items" collapsed list.


Links List is a place where anyone can anonymously share bookmarks and lists of interesting URLs.After you create a new list and share its custom address, anyone with the URL can add new links to it.Collaborators can also change topics and reorder lists.

The app is available in dense view (only link addresses can be seen) and open view.In open view, Links List crawls the links page to preview the title, title image, and any description or metadata about the link.

6. Chacy (Web): Collaboration list similar to Reddit polls


Chacy is a list tool that helps you make decisions, not just share items.It's great for group decisions like which movie to watch or which restaurant to eat at, and it's better than several of the best online voting sites because anyone can add a suggestion.

Before making a list, you need to add your name and give the list a title (usually a question).There's also a description box if you'd like to extend notes for your collaborators.Then, start adding items to the list one by one.If they don't appear on your page, please refresh as websites sometimes make errors.Finally, share the link with collaborators.

Anyone will need to add their name before accessing the link.Each item has a "Vote Up" and "Vote Down" buttons.This determines the item's ranking on the list, and everyone can also see who voted for it up or down.Collaborators can also add their own projects, and the original creator of the list can vote like everyone else.

Remember to save the link

Since these list building tools require no registration to use, if you lose your link, you can't go back.Chances are, many of your collaborators don't have saved links either.So, do yourself a favor and create a bookmark folder for these sites, and whenever you create a new list, add it to that folder.You never know when you may need it in the future.

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