How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV

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If you have an iPhone and a Samsung TV, you can do a lot of cool things once they're connected.With your iPhone, you can play movies, music, and even mirror your screen to your Samsung TV.

If you've never connected your iPhone to a Samsung TV, you can use AirPlay to connect.Most Samsung smart TVs are AirPlay compatible, so most iPhones on the latest iOS systems can easily connect.Read on to learn how to connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV.


1. Make sure your Samsung TV is compatible with AirPlay

While most TVs are compatible, it's important to check to make sure yours is compatible before proceeding.If you click "Source" on your Samsung TV remote and see the "Screen Mirroring" option, your TV is compatible with the iPhone.

Still, if the TV is running Google TV (this is the difference between Google TV and Android TV), you probably won't see the screen mirroring option in the Source menu, even if the feature is available.The best way to check is to search your TV's specs online and check if it supports AirPlay (as long as your model wasn't launched before 2018).

You also need to make sure your Samsung TV is on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.If you've never connected your Samsung TV to the internet, you'll need to do this before continuing.You can connect to a Wi-Fi network in your TV's Settings menu.

As Apple continues to update iOS, you'll also need to update the firmware on your Samsung TV to make sure everything is up to date.In addition to AirPlay functionality, you can also get Apple TV+ on your Samsung TV if you haven't done so already.

2. Connect iPhone to Samsung TV

To connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV, you may need to enable AirPlay first by going into Settings > General/Connections > Apple AirPlay Settings.For some models, if you want to screen mirror your iPhone with a Samsung TV, you need to enter the screen mirroring option.You can press the "Source" button on your Samsung remote or go to "Settings" > "Screen Mirroring".

Then, open the Control Center on the iPhone screen and click on the AirPlay option.After turning on AirPlay, you will see the option for your Samsung TV.


Click TV in the AirPlay menu.Your TV may display a code on the screen.Once you see the code, a prompt will pop up on your iPhone asking you to enter the code.


After entering the passcode, the iPhone will connect to the Samsung TV.You can edit this or other connected devices in Network > Screen Mirroring > Device Manager on your Samsung TV.You can easily reconnect to the TV in the future.

For some models, you may not see the code.Instead, your iPhone will instantly connect to your Samsung TV.

Get the most out of your iPhone and Samsung TV

By connecting your iPhone to your Samsung TV, you can stream music, movies, and photos for everyone to see.Play content on your iPhone just like it would on your TV.If you own both devices, it's a good idea to connect them to get the best out of each.

After connecting your iPhone to your Samsung TV, you can use the AirPlay menu to easily connect again at any time.This way, you can connect conveniently at any time.

Thankfully, with Samsung TVs, you don't need a device like a Roku to stream video from your phone, as the functionality is already built-in.

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