How to chat with ChatGPT

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Have you ever imagined having a conversation with an artificial intelligence that understands your voice and can respond to you vocally? OpenAI's open source speech recognition system "Whisper" allows you to communicate with Chat GPT Chat to answer your questions.

You can use this feature to generate code, get answers, or do a quick brainstorm using just your voice.


versus Chat GPT What does the conversation require?

Whisper integration for ChatGPT allows you to talk to ChatGPT using your voice instead of typing.The advantage of this is that you can speed up the prompts without having to type long descriptive sentences.

To use ChatGPT's voice input feature on your phone, you need to download and install the official ChatGPT app for mobile devices.After logging in with an OpenAI account, you can use the Whisper function.




Download: ChatGPT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

How to send ChatGPT prompts with voice

Both iPhone and Android devices come with native dictation capabilities.You'll use it to take advantage of the ChatGPT Whisper integration on your phone.

To send tips with your voice in the ChatGPT app, follow these simple steps in the ChatGPT mobile app:

1. On iPhone, tap the sound wave icon to the right of the bottom text field.On Android devices, tap the microphone button next to the text field.

2. ChatGPT will start recording your voice immediately.Start talking.

3. When finished, click "Tap" to stop recording and wait for ChatGPT to transcribe.

4. Click the Send button next to the text field to send your tip.





Now, all you need to do is wait a few seconds for ChatGPT to type its reply.

Talk to ChatGPT and save time

ChatGPT lets you send longer, more descriptive prompts with your voice and have a conversation without manually typing prompts that can take minutes.This way, you can improve task efficiency and save time when using ChatGPT.

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