How to move the taskbar in Windows 11

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Desktop personalization is an important part of how we use our computers.If you're not satisfied with the position of the Windows 11 taskbar, you should adjust it to your liking.

We'll show you how to move the taskbar through Windows settings.If you need more options, you can also try registry tricks.


How to move the Windows 11 taskbar using Windows Settings

If you just upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you may be used to placing taskbar icons on the left side of the screen.In this case, you can move the Windows 11 taskbar to the left via Windows Settings:

1. Press Windows Key + I to bring up the Settings menu.

2. Click Personalize in the left pane.

3. Select Taskbar.

4. Extend the taskbar behavior drop-down menu.

5. Set the taskbar alignment to left.


The taskbar should move immediately without restarting your computer.

As you can see, there are only two options for moving the taskbar.If you want to reposition the taskbar to the top or right side of the screen, you'll have to use another method.

How to move the Windows 11 taskbar using the Windows Registry

Moving the taskbar on a Windows computer by editing the registry works on Windows 11 22H1 or earlier.If you're not sure which version of Windows you're running, right-click the Start button and select Settings.Then go to "System" and click "About".Check the Windows Specifications section to see what version you are currently running.


Editing the registry is a little more complicated than the previous solution.We recommend creating a registry backup point in case anything goes wrong.

To edit the registry, search for Registry Editor and select Run as administrator.Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > StuckRects3.Then, open the "Settings" value in the right pane.

Now you have to replace the first value in the FE column.Based on the new value, the taskbar will change its position.

Replace 03 with 00 to move the taskbar to the left.

Replace 03 with 01 to move the taskbar to the top.

Replace 03 with 02 to move the taskbar to the right.


In most cases, when editing the registry, you must restart your computer to make changes.In this case, though, there's a quicker way.Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to launch Task Manager.In the Processes tab, right-click Windows Explorer and select Restart.The taskbar should now move to its new location.


Personalize your Windows 11 experience: Customize taskbar position

In Windows 11, the position of the taskbar is no longer fixed.Depending on your personal preferences and workflow, you can easily reposition the taskbar to better suit your needs and preferences.Whether you move it to a different location on the screen or adjust it in a multi-monitor setup, customizing your taskbar will improve your productivity and PC experience.

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