5 features that make the PS9 better

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Overall,PS5 It's been an excellent console since it launched in late 2020.It runs games smoothly on an SSD, performs a lot better than the PS4, has new features for the DualSense controller, and has a unique design that's not just a retread of older PlayStations.

but,PS5 There are a lot of things that could be better.Honestly, most of this has nothing to do with performance and hardware.Instead, a lot of it is a matter of user interface and quality of life.Here's what we think could make the PS5 even better.


1. Automatic update of individual games

Auto-Update is a PS5 feature that will keep updating all your games as long as you have an internet connection.You can enable auto-updates in the PS5's settings and set it to download games in rest mode.

Still, always updating every game on your PS5 adds network bills and takes up unnecessary space -- in fact, it's one of the reasons you shouldn't leave your PS5 running all the time.Turning off auto-updates means that when you try to log into your favorite games, they may be out of date.You can't play online multiplayer games without the latest version.

That's why we want Sony to integrate auto-updates for individual games so we can keep only the games we want updated and not spend network fees on games we don't.

2. Powerful dedicated web browser


The PlayStation isn't necessarily the best place to surf the web, but the PS4's browser app is a nice, potentially helpful addition.For some reason, Sony didn't add a browser app to the PS5; on the PS5, you have to use a roundabout way to access the severely limited browser.

There are indications that Sony may add a fully-featured dedicated browser app, as it is stipulated in the PS5's settings.So let's wait for the next update.

3. Restore Custom Animated Homepage Theme


You can personalize your PS4 with custom animated home themes or custom wallpapers.They are sold on the PlayStation Store and sometimes as pre-order bonuses for certain games.

The PS5 doesn't inherit this cool feature; instead, it temporarily adopts the theme of whatever app or game you hover your cursor over.That's not bad, but it's certainly not the same as having your favorite characters looping in the background while you wait at the console's home page.

4. No more ads on the home screen

When you log into your PS5 after a reboot or launch, the first tile it gives you is "Explore."No, not the last game you played, but a rather unwanted feature that gives you "news" about your interests.

Windows 11 has also seen some resistance for similar reasons.It's a little off-putting to see ads on a machine you've fully paid for.Let's enjoy PS5 without being forced to buy something every time we turn it on.

5. Customized LED lights


You must have noticed the LED lights on the top half of the PS5.They're thin strips of light that blink when the PS5 is turned off and on, and glow a deep orange when the PS5 is in rest mode.When the PS5 is powered on, the light stays solid white, which is where the customization features come in.

If PS5 owners could at least change the color from white to a custom color, it would help make game settings look better and give players a little extra immersion.Sony missed this opportunity, but we certainly hope it will implement this feature in the future if the hardware allows it.

6. Introduce official Mod support

If there's one thing console gamers are seriously missing compared to PC gamers, it's mods.Modifiers are game modifiers created by game enthusiasts that you can add to your video games to add more content and style to your game.Modders are a lot of fun and sometimes make the games you play better.

Consoles don't offer the same flexibility as PCs for obvious reasons, but there are ways to install mods for certain games on the PS5.Still, we wish Sony would create a program for creators to share their mods.That way, you'll be able to log into one platform and see which games are mod-capable on your PS5, and what other players are saying about them--and Sony's all about it.

7. Integrating DualSense haptic feedback into legacy games


One of the best features of PS5 DualSense is the adaptive triggers.These triggers provide additional resistance to simulate difficult maneuvers like pressing the gas pedal, pulling the bowstring or pulling the trigger of a gun while driving a vehicle.If you play Astro's Playroom (the built-in game), you can experience its full functionality.

It's just a shame that Adaptive Trigger doesn't work with PS4 games, which currently make up the majority of the PS4's game library.If Sony can figure out a way to get the PS5 to include adaptive triggers in older games, this important breakthrough feature will be even more compelling.

8. Improve game recommendation

Game recommendations for the PS5 are not stellar.It doesn't appear to have an intelligent system to recommend games based on what you like to play.It doesn't even know what other people who play the games you like play, too.

Frankly, Sony doesn't seem to care about giving you good recommendations.Sony may be pushing games to you based on how much it can make from your purchase of the game, not on your interest as a player.

If Sony could improve machine learning, game classification systems and tags, and provide really useful game recommendations, we could spend a lot less time finding new games.We'll be leaning on the PS5 to recommend the next game.

9. Make the PS app a second screen for games




The PS App is a great tool for managing your PlayStation account and is one of the only ways you can change your profile picture on PS5.But the PS App is much more than a quick way to download screenshots and manage your PSN profile.

Game developers should be allowed to integrate the PS App into their games and turn smartphones and tablets into second screens for games.Just imagine, when playing GTA V, the mobile menu appears on your actual phone, not just in the corner of the screen.

The PS5 could learn something from the PS4

It's a shame we had to review the PS4 to get some inspiration for some of the cool features we wanted on the PS5.We can only hope and pray that Sony knows what it's doing.

Maybe there is some basic reason why we can't use custom themes on PS5, maybe they will release custom themes in a future update.

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