How to enable grayscale mode on Android phone

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Android's grayscale mode is a feature that makes the device display everything in black and white by applying a monochrome filter.Let's take a look at the benefits of Grayscale mode and show you how to enable it manually or automatically (via "Sleep Mode") on your Android device.


Why use Grayscale on Android?

Setting your phone screen to grayscale serves two main purposes.First, grayscale can help you overcome phone addiction by making using the device less enjoyable.

Second, grayscale is an important accessibility feature for people with color blindness, as using black and white screens removes reliance on color cues, making content more accessible by enhancing contrast, text clarity, and reducing confusion.If you are color blind, you can also enable grayscale on iPhone and other devices with this feature.

We're using a Pixel phone for this guide.The menu may vary depending on your device model, but the basic steps should be the same.

How to manually enable grayscale functionality on Android

If you want to enable grayscale, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and select Accessibility > Color & Dynamics > Color Correction.

3. In the Color Correction page, enable Use Color Correction First.

4. Next, select Grayscale from the options below if Grayscale is not the default option.

5. Also, toggle the color correction shortcut, so the next time you need to enable or disable grayscale immediately, you can just swipe up with two fingers from the bottom of the screen.




Once grayscale mode is enabled, it remains active until you turn it off.However, if you need to automate the process by enabling the feature at a specific time and deactivating it automatically, use bedtime mode.

How to use "Bedtime Mode" to automatically enable and disable grayscale functionality

You can access Bedtime Mode on your device by going to Settings > Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls > Bedtime Mode.Then, automatically enable grayscale on a schedule using the following steps:

1. Tap Bedtime Routine and select Use Schedule.

2. Choose when you want Bed Mode to turn on and off by customizing the start and end times and the number of days you want to use the feature.

3. When finished, tap Customize at the bottom.

4. Select "Bedtime screen options" and switch to "Grayscale" on the next page.




Once you set up bedtime mode on your Android phone through the above steps, it will also enable grayscale mode.Going forward, if you want to operate outside of Bedtime Mode's set times, you can simply enable the feature manually.

Note that grayscale applies a monochrome filter to the user interface and does not change the color of display elements.So if you take a screenshot with the grayscale feature enabled, the image will still retain its original colors, just with the filter applied.Once you disable the grayscale feature, you will see the screenshot in original color.

Use grayscale technology to achieve accessibility and kick your smartphone addiction

Grayscale on Android turns everything into black and white.Grayscale can improve accessibility if you are color blind and should be used whenever you encounter an interface that uses a lot of colors that you can't discern.For those of you who are not color blind, grayscale may come in handy if you want to overcome your smartphone addiction.

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