6 Free Music Generators to Make Your Own Music and Songs

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You don't need to be a musician to compose your own songs.Compose your own tunes by yourself or with the help of artificial intelligence using these free online music generators.


Computer music generators come in a variety of forms.Some allow you to use artificial intelligence to create stunning works.Others let you become a musician, changing every element like a master to play your favorite tune.Each requires different skills, so choose the one that works best for you.

1. Music Gen


Music Gen is open source and easily accessible through a browser, allowing anyone to use artificial intelligence to generate convincing music.Synthesizing raw audio requires a huge leap in technology, and as far as the effort goes,Music Gen Well done.

Following the popularity of AI-powered image generators that work by simply entering a simple text description, this music generator can generate musical tunes based on what you write.To use it, enter a description in the text box, such as "80s rock band" or "low-frequency beat with flat synth pads."When ready, press the "Generate" button and wait for the audio to load.

One of the benefits of making MusicGen open source is that people can use the code to build other applications.For example, you can use TextToSample to generate AI audio in a DAW.Use it as a starting point, or try creating a complete song using AI audio clips.

2. Melobytes


Most online music generators only deal with instrument sounds.but Melobytes no the same.This ambitious AI app is ready to go, analyzing lyrics and converting them into unique, programmatically generated melodies.

On Melobytes In the basic version, you can set the language of your lyrics and have them analyzed along with pitch, tempo, time signature, and singer type (including male singers, female singers, duet singers, robot singers, and rappers).Add your lyrics in the dialog box and generate an original song with your lyrics!

It's entirely up to you.If you don't like the first version the app generates, you can tap the Melobytes button repeatedly until you like the version you generated. Melobytes songs can be downloaded as MIDI files and saved for reuse whenever you see fit.

If you like this kind of artificial intelligence-generated music, you might as well try Melobytes Pro.The premium version of the app is also free, but you can customize nearly every aspect of a song, including duration, instrumentation, musical style, vocal type, and audio settings like reverb, echo, and distortion.

If you still want to try it out, Melobytes can also generate a video for your song.

3. BeepBox


BeepBox is an amazing little tool for creating your own free music tracks that can be used as background music for video games or YouTube videos.You don't need to know music, just use the controls and get creative.

The app offers four instrument channels that include a variety of guitars, trumpets, drums, vocals, and other strings, brass, and percussion.Set up an instrument in a channel and click on different points on the virtual scale to produce sounds.One click keeps the sound on and another click turns it off.Press play to hear the entire sound.

You can change tempo, reverb and tempo at any time.BeepBox It also lets you adjust how and when each channel plays through a simple numbers-based interface.You can play around with it, get the sounds you like, and then download free WAV, MP3, MID, JSON, and HTML files to use as royalty-free music for your YouTube videos or video games.

The above is just the basic interface of BeepBox.Once you're familiar with and master these features, it's time to move into deeper settings where you can view all channels in one view, add piano scales, save and use presets, and more.BeepBox can be very powerful if you want, but also very simple for beginners who want to quickly create tracks.

4. Typatone


If you could turn your name into music, what would it sound like? Typatone offers a melodic answer that turns your keyboard into an instrument and your words into a free online song.The idea is to map words to tunes, so you can create songs just by typing.

Typatone studies the frequency of certain letters in the English alphabet and maps them to the most melodious notes on a standard piano.Type any letter or word into the app and it will make a sound.You can even copy and paste large sections of text.The cool thing is that Typatone not only uses artificial intelligence to map sounds, but it can also transform letter sequences into harmonious tunes.

You can turn anyone's name into a custom ditty that can be used as a notification reminder or ringtone.Turn someone's favorite book into a song for them.Alternatively, you can use Typatone to sing while walking.This mobile-friendly site makes it easy to take your instrument with you and when a tune pops into your head, just type it in.

5. Beepster


Beepster is a funky little music generator with some neat twists.You don't need any musical expertise, just play around with the settings and see what you like.

First, choose from the scales: major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, blues major, blues minor, and suspended scale.You'll see four rows, each for a track or patch.Clicking on the track image will change the playback content.

You can adjust the tempo, volume and pitch of each track.You can also turn the audio track on or off.If you want to randomly select all settings in a single track, click its circular arrow. Beepster can also randomly change the notes played on each track, making your music more colorful.

Although the track cannot be downloaded, you can share it with others via a link.Alternatively, you can try using Audacity to record audio on Mac or Windows, which is a handy workaround that means you can still capture the music you create.

All in all, a handy app for making free music tracks for yourself or enhancing your online projects.

6. ToneMatrix


ToneMatrix is ​​the simplest of these music generators, but that just makes it more attractive.Here, you don't need to do a lot of settings, just click on the blocks in the matrix to create your own music.

Each block produces a tone. ToneMatrix will play the active tiles sequentially from left to right.There are 16 columns in total, and it will play better if you select multiple blocks in one column.

This software is so cool that you can use it to create simple, soothing Lo-Fi music for studying.Unfortunately, you can't download tracks on ToneMatrix, but you can share your creations online.

Consider using a paid app to get royalty-free AI-generated tracks

All of the above music generators are free to use and download.However, there are always some new AI music generators worth checking out.Generators like Boomy, Evoke Music or AIVA require a paid subscription if you want to monetize downloading and using these tracks in your productions.

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