How to Fix Google Drive Not Syncing or Working on iPhone

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on iPhoneGoogle DriveApps help save and sync files automatically, making them easily accessible to all connected devices.However, ifGoogle DriveNot backing up or syncing on your iPhone, please read this article to fix that.

However, before you start, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

1. Google Drive has a policy on what data it backs up.This means that in some cases, you might mistakenly believe that Drive's backup isn't working, when in fact, it's working, but it's just not backing up some data that doesn't comply with the policy.

2. If you are an Exchange or Facebook user, please note that Google Drive does not backup contacts and calendars for these applications.

3. Google Drive will only back up photos stored on your device.

4. If you back up multiple times, Google Drive will back up only the new media.Your contacts and calendar backup will be overwritten!

Next, we start:

1. Reopen Google Drive after a few minutes

If Google Drive or any file on Google Drive won't open, this is one of the easiest fixes you can try.Try quitting the app and restarting it to fix the problem.

Sometimes it can also be a problem with your phone itself.So it is also a good idea to force restart your iPhone.

2. View Google Drive storage

This is one of the main reasons if Google Drive is not backing up on your device or you are facing issues while doing it. Drive does backups on its servers and needs some storage space.Check if you have enough space by navigating to Google Drive → hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) → Storage.


If you don't have space, delete some data or media on Drive to make room.

3. Enable Google Drive in Files

If you don't see any drive data in the Files app, it's probably because you haven't been granted access to the Files drive.To enable it, make sure you have the Google Drive app installed and logged in, and follow these steps:

1. Open the Files application → tap Browse in the lower left corner.

2. Tap the three dots at the top → Edit.

3. If you haven't already, switch to Google Drive under Locations.

4. Check your internet connection

Drive uses cloud storage, which requires an internet connection to work properly.This means that if your internet connection is not active, Drive will not be able to sync, back up, or display any of your files.

If you're on Wi-Fi, make sure your router is working and your speed is fast enough.Also, if you're on mobile data, make sure Airplane Mode is turned off and your SIM card is working properly.

5. Check the server status of Google Drive

It can also cause problems due to an outage on the Google side.This is a rare situation because Google has reliable servers, but the only workaround is to wait a while and try it later.

Google has made identifying this problem very easy.Just go to their server status checker and make sure there is a green tick next to Google Drive.If it's not green, there's not much you can do other than wait a while and recheck.

6. Reinstall Google Drive

This is a time-honored solution that most people know about.Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the application will solve the problem.

So, you can also try uninstalling Google Drive, which is not widely known to people but can prove useful by fixing sync and not working issues.

7. Delete and re-add Google account in Drive

Sometimes, the problem is only with a certain account, not the whole application.These accounts are called broken accounts, and simply deleting these accounts will solve your problem.There are two ways to do this on iOS:

Remove account from iPhone settings

1. Open Settings.

2. Click Mail → Account

3. Select the account to delete.


4. Click Delete Account.

Delete account from Gmail

If you have the Gmail app installed on your device and you are logged into the same account on the app, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Gmail app and switch to the correct account.

2. Tap your profile picture in the upper right corner → Accounts → Manage accounts on this device.

3. Now, select "Remove from this device" and click "Remove" to confirm.


This should probably help with the problem.Now, re-add your Google account and check if Drive is working as usual.If not, please read on.

8. Restart your iPhone

Sometimes a reboot can simply fix your problem.A reboot will make the phone shut down all systems and start up again, clearing you of any issues.

9. Update Google Drive and iOS

You also need to check below yourself if you are using an outdated version of iOS and Google Drive, that might be the reason why you are facing sync or Google Drive not working on iPhone.

10. Use the web version

If none of these methods helped resolve your error, you can try using the web version of Google Drive.To visit the Google Drive website, just log in to your account!

The web version of Google Drive is perfect and you won't have any sync issues here.While you can use a browser like Safari on your iPhone, we recommend that you should try to use a desktop computer as it will give you a better experience.

In any case, we hope one of the fixes above helped resolve your Google Drive not syncing or working issue on your iPhone.If you use Google Drive a lot, you know how important it is, so when it breaks, you should fix it.


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