How to View Deleted Reddit Posts

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When you're browsing Reddit, it's annoying to find a deleted post with tons of support tickets.Just one glance at the topic titles sparks curiosity and you wonder how nice it would be to travel back in time and see what happened to deleted topics.

But this is impossible, only the part of traveling through time and space.We'll satisfy your curiosity by showing you four different ways to view deleted Reddit posts and comments.


Can you still view deleted Reddit threads?

In April 2023, Reddit made some major changes to how developers interact with its API, essentially attaching a price to a previously free API.Out of displeasure with Reddit's decision, several major subreddits have shut down in community protest.

The price change shut down many third-party apps, including those that let you view deleted Reddit threads.As a result, many of these apps may not work now, and those that do will only get comments and threads published before the API changes went into effect (ie June 2023).

But don't be discouraged.There are still ways to view deleted Reddit posts, including the Wayback Machine and Google Cache.Yes, you can still view deleted Reddit threads and comments.

1. Revedit


访问, you'll find just one text field to enter a username, subreddit name, or thread link.

Just specify a subforum name and Reveddit will list all deleted topics and comments posted under that subforum.You can then browse the results and find anything that catches your eye, or use the other search options to search for what you want.

You can enter URLs for posts and specific topics.Alternatively, you can simply replace "reddit" with "reveddit" in the theme URL, which will take you to the same Reveddit page.

Reveddit pulls data from Pushshift archives and displays it in an old Reddit-like interface. Pushshift is a social media data collection and tracking platform that has been archiving Reddit data since 2015.

If you want to see all deleted comments on a post, you'll need to wait a while while Reveddit loads the data.However, if you want to directly view a comment in a thread, there is a quick way.You can specify a direct link to a thread that contains comments that have been removed, and Reveddit will just fetch and load that thread from the archive.

The only downside? Reddit won't show comments deleted by users.You can only view comments that have been removed by a Reddit sub-moderator.



Resavr Probably not the best site to search for deleted Reddit content, as it doesn't allow you to view deleted posts.This is a site entirely dedicated to viewing deleted comments.Another problem is that you can't search a specific thread using its link to see the deleted comment you're looking for. The interface is very simple.It lists recently deleted Reddit comments, and is a great site for those who just want to pass the time reading deleted comments.It also links back to the originally deleted Reddit thread, so you can go ahead and check out the entire post for the background behind it.

3. The Wayback Machine


Also known as the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine archives the entire Internet, including Reddit.If the aforementioned tools fail to reveal deleted Reddit content, you can visit the Wayback Machine and hope it archives the comments you're eager to read.

First, visit, enter the URL of the Reddit post you want to view.Make sure to sanitize the URL first, removing any trailing, unnecessary HTTP parameters.

The website displays a snapshot of the record on a calendar.If there is a related snapshot, you can click on the date the snapshot was recorded and view the web page.

However, if a user/moderator deletes a comment or topic before it is archived by the Wayback Machine, it will show that the comment was deleted.

4. Google cache


Similar to the Wayback Machine, Google also indexes web pages and keeps cached versions of those pages for display to users.You can also use Google Cache to view deleted Reddit comments and posts.

First, search for Reddit posts using topic titles.Once you find a post on a search engine results page, click the three-dot icon next to the result.Click the down arrow to expand the "More options" list.If you find an option labeled "Cached," Google has a cached version of the page, so click it to view it.

If you're lucky, the deleted thread or comment you wanted to see is still there, and you'll be able to read it before Google recrawls and saves a new version of the page.Apparently, this only works for recently deleted comments, since Reddit is a popular social media site, and Google crawls it very quickly and updates the cached page frequently.

Reddit is home to some great conversations!

Possibly, it doesn't seem appropriate to look at deleted Reddit comments and posts because someone deleted them for a reason.But there are plenty of sites that let you mine data and bring deleted Reddit threads back to life.This is helpful when you want to restore a Reddit comment that you accidentally deleted.

Given how rudimentary Reddit's search functionality is, there's a good chance you've spent hours searching for a topic you've read before and can't find it again.It could be that a user deleted the post, or it could be that you are not navigating the site properly.So learning how to navigate the internet is crucial, especially on a platform like Reddit, where thousands of new topics are posted every hour.

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