How to send e-books and documents to Kindle from iPhone, iPad or Mac

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Kindle E-book readers are very popular among avid readers.These devices have built-in Kindle Store, making buying books easy and convenient.However, readers may wish to transfer personal digital libraries or documents to a Kindle device.

Whether it's a personal, work, or school document, or an e-book downloaded from another website, Amazon makes it easy to transfer content and documents to Kindle.Here, we'll guide you through the steps to transfer reading materials to your Kindle device.


Send e-books and documents to Kindle

Before sending content to your Kindle, keep in mind that not all file formats are supported by the Kindle device.You can find a complete list of supported file formats on Amazon's website.If your file is in the wrong format, you can use an online file converter to convert it and send it again.

Once your books and documents are properly formatted, here's how to send them to your Kindle from your Apple device.

on Mac

Amazon offers a cloud service called Send to Kindle that you can download on your Mac to seamlessly transfer books and other documents to your Kindle.You can upload files through the app, and the files will sync with your Kindle and appear in your library.

Transferring books and documents is easy with the Send to Kindle app.Just follow these steps:

1. Visit the Send to Kindle page on Amazon to download for your Mac Send to Kindle application.

2. After the download is complete, open and complete the installation process.

3. Sign in with the Amazon account connected to your Kindle.

4. Now, just drag and drop the files into the application.

5. Select your Kindle device under "Delivery Options" and click "Send."


Alternatively, you can find the file in Finder, Control-click the file, and select the Send to Kindle option from the context menu.

On iPhone or iPad

The Send to Kindle service is also available on iOS through the Kindle App, which means you can easily send books and other documents from your iPhone to your Kindle.While you can easily download the Kindle App from the App Store, it's not available in all regions.Therefore, depending on where you live, you may need to change your App Store country first.

After downloading the app, follow these steps:

1. Open the "Files" app on your iPhone and find the document you want to send.

2. Long press the document you want to send and select "Share" from the context menu.

3. Scroll through the application options and select Kindle.If you can't find the Kindle app, tap More Options and choose Kindle.




In a few minutes, your document will appear in the Kindle Library.

Take your digital library with you

Sending documents to Kindle is a simple process; with this guide, you can have your digital library on Kindle in no time.

Remember to send your document in a Kindle-compatible format, and be sure to log in to the Send to Kindle service using the Amazon account registered to your Kindle.

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