16 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

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Artificial intelligence products have risen rapidly in the past few years.AI writing tools, AI text-to-image generators, and even AI self-portraits amaze us.Now, AI chatbots are taking the internet by storm Chat GPT Let us see the potential of artificial intelligence technology.


If you have heard Chat GPT, but not sure how it can come in handy, we provide you with 16 ways to use ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?


If you missed the ChatGPT craze, or don't quite know what it is, let us help you find out. ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence chatbot that can answer any question you throw at it.

You can think of it like a super powerful Google search. ChatGPT doesn't just provide links or snippets, it also provides thoughtful conversational answers to queries.It synthesizes information from disparate sources into a coherent answer on almost any topic, similar to how a knowledgeable person would answer.While ChatGPT is not flawless, it has demonstrated an impressive ability to understand natural language questions and provide nuanced explanations in many domains.Science, math, religion, sports, politics, you name it.

ChatGPT is not just hype, it has practical uses.Here are some cool everyday uses of ChatGPT that you can try right now.

1. Quickly write a personalized resume and cover letter

If you're currently job hunting, one of the most tiring parts of the job search process is writing a personalized resume and cover letter for each job you apply for.Unfortunately, you can't possibly write a resume for every job.You need to tailor a resume and cover letter for yourself to increase your chances of getting hired. ChatGPT can help you create a custom resume or write a professional cover letter in minutes.

We asked ChatGPT to write a resume for a technical writer job application and here are some of the results.


We also used it to prepare a cover letter for a web developer position at a fashion design company.


2. Create original jokes

How can there be no fun in life?Whether you want to have a good laugh or create some hilarious jokes to impress your friends, ChatGPT can come in handy.Of course, AI chatbots are not known for being great comedians, but ChatGPT shows some potential.We asked ChatGPT to tell us a joke about Apple and foldable smartphones; let you be the judge of the results:


3. Explain complex topics

Sometimes just googling a topic doesn't give you a clear understanding of it.Think of topics like wormholes, dark matter, and those head-scratching theories in master's degree courses.Or maybe it's a strange sport that you don't understand, or whose rules don't make sense.

ChatGPT can explain them in plain language.We asked ChatGPT to "explain wormholes like a five year old" and here are the results.


We also gave it a similar interpretation of the internet.It turned out not too bad.


4. Solve tricky math problems step by step

Whether you want to solve complex algebra problems or simple math problems that are difficult to piece together, ChatGPT is especially good at handling math problems.For best results, you need to express your question concisely and clearly.We asked ChatGPT to answer a tricky math problem and here are the results:


5. Get relationship advice

ChatGPT, like other AI systems, cannot fully understand emotions.However, it can still provide useful advice for dealing with relationships with friends, family and loved ones.It can become your personal therapist or relationship expert if you give it the right prompts.We turned to ChatGPT to help us deal with our nosy partners:


We also asked how to deal with a partner's overprotectiveness on their phone, and here's what it suggested:


6. Compose almost any genre of music

One of ChatGPT's greatest strengths is its "Learning Creativity".Unlike some AI solutions, ChatGPT doesn't just deal with the concept of soulless robots.It's also proficient in creative work, including composing music.You can write any song in most major music genres.We asked ChatGPT to write a rap song about Elon Musk, and here are some of its responses:


The following is the last part of the lyrics.The song isn't going to win a Grammy, but with the right beat it might shine.


7. Write, debug, and interpret code

Whether you are an experienced programmer or a novice, every now and then you will come across some mistakes in your code. ChatGPT can help you narrow down the problem in your code, saving you the time of finding misplaced commas.You can also write entire functional snippets from scratch, or analyze existing codebases to find the best way to use them.

We let ChatGPT write a simple to-do list app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and here's the result:


We've also had AI chatbots program simple games of Tetris, Snake, Pong, and even a complete chat web application from scratch for us.

8. Create, edit and modify media files

With ChatGPT's code interpreter function, you can create, edit, modify and read various media files.The feature provides an interface within the ChatGPT Plus plan to programmatically create images, modify videos, adjust audio tracks, and retrieve key metadata from media files with ease and precision.We asked ChatGPT to place a sniper-style crosshair on an image of Marilyn Monroe, and it delivered the result in seconds.


9. Decide what to watch next

ChatGPT is one of the most powerful movie recommendation tools on the internet if you know how to use it.While there are dozens of powerful movie recommendation tools at your disposal, ChatGPT stands out because you can get accurate and precise recommendations simply by using simple natural language prompts to describe the type of movie you want.We asked ChatGPT to recommend some movies similar to The Walking Dead, and the results are as follows.


10. Play games

Looking for a fun activity? ChatGPT offers some creative game ideas that you can try out with friends or by yourself.You can play classic games like Tic Tac Toe or Trivia, and ChatGPT can also suggest new ways to play and make the game more engaging.Whether you want to play competitive games with ChatGPT or play cooperative games together, ChatGPT can provide unique game suggestions according to your needs.So if you're bored and want to try something new, let ChatGPT invent a fun custom game - it's a great way to liven up your day!

11. Get cooking help

Robots helping in the kitchen? ChatGPT and cooking might seem like an odd combination, but it can work really well if you know the proper usage tips.You can use ChatGPT to discover new recipes, prepare shopping lists, brainstorm new flavor combinations, learn new cooking techniques or discover healthier ways to cook popular dishes.

12. Improves health

With rich health information, you can use ChatGPT to improve your health in many ways.It helps you create a personalized workout and meal plan based on your unique needs.You can also use it to develop healthy habits like sleep patterns and mindfulness practices, and even use it as a medical symptom checker.While ChatGPT has its limitations in the health space, it's still a very useful tool that you can use to improve your health.

13. Create multilingual content

If you are a content creator looking to reach a wider audience, ChatGPT can be very useful for creating multilingual content.Sure, there's Google Translate, but writing in one language and translating into another means that context and language-specific tone can be lost. ChatGPT can directly create content in multiple languages.Whether it is Chinese or Spanish or French, there is no problem at all.We asked ChatGPT to write a poem in English and Chinese, and the results are as follows:


14. Prepare for job interviews

ChatGPT is one of the best artificial intelligence tools to help you prepare for job interviews with its vast knowledge in multiple domains.With just a few smart tips, ChatGPT can help you find your dream job.You can use it to generate what-if scenarios for job interviews, possible questions, smart responses to possible questions, and many other useful interview preparation tips.We created a hypothetical interview scenario and asked ChatGPT for help.The result is as follows:


15. Write a paper on almost any topic

While we highly recommend writing your own essays, ChatGPT can write amazing essays on a variety of topics, even the most complex ones.If the tone of the resulting essay doesn't suit your test, you can teach ChatGPT how to write like you so you can have the chatbot replicate your writing style.

16. Chat Companion

After all, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot.Despite its almost endless uses, ChatGPT is a very easy companion when you need to find a human (or bot) to chat with.


Verify all ChatGPT results

As impressive as ChatGPT's capabilities are, AI chatbots aren't invulnerable.Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use ChatGPT information with caution.Before applying any key data from ChatGPT, especially important health or financial choices, do make an effort to verify it.While ChatGPT is a game-changing tool, it is still a work in progress and human oversight is still necessary.

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