How to Set TikTok Sleep Reminders

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Considering how entertaining the TikTok app is, it's easy to get lost in a TikTok video.One minute, you’re watching a quick dance video; the next, you’re in three hours of endless scrolling.

So TikTok has launched a sleep reminder feature to encourage users to develop healthier screen time habits.Here's how to set a sleep reminder on TikTok so you don't lose track of time.


How to Set TikTok Sleep Reminders

Setting up a TikTok sleep reminder is very easy.All you need to do is:

1. Open the TikTok app and go to the profile page.

2. In the upper right corner of the display, tap the menu bar.

3. Select "Settings & Privacy," then scroll down and tap "Screen Time."

4. Tap Sleep Reminder.

5. At the bottom, tap Set sleep time.





Now is the time to choose your bedtime.Use the slider to set how long the reminder should appear, then tap Done to finish.

Now your TikTok app will display a reminder notification at your chosen bedtime to wind down and take a break from your screens.

When sleep reminder is enabled, your TikTok notifications will be silenced for 7 hours so you won't be disturbed by them while you sleep.

You can also change the sleep time at any time.Just go back to Sleep Reminders and tap Edit Sleep Time.Scroll to choose a new sleep time, then tap Done.To disable sleep reminders, simply toggle the slider to off.





Reduce mindless scrolling on TikTok

TikTok's sleep reminder isn't just a feature, it's a reminder from the app to find balance in a world where screens often take up too much of our time.

With Sleep Reminder, you can immerse yourself in TikTok's world of entertainment while ensuring your health and sleep.Remember, while enjoying the digital world, don't let it take up real moments of rest and relaxation.

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